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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even 17japanAnalytics Software2021
$1.3M$3.2MEvenJeongtae Kim229japanVideo Solution Software2021
Even 35japanInformation Technology Software2021
EvenShinoosuke Ito18japanAnalytics Software2021
Even 910japanBusiness Management Software2021
EvenTawanda Kembo97ZimbabweCryptocurrency Management Software2021
Even 44ZambiaArtificial Intelligence Software2021
EvenAhmed Qasem33YemenFinancial Services Software2021
EvenSanjeev Sapkota306VietnamApplication Development Software2021
EvenTung Nguyen87VietnamApplication Development Software2021
EvenJohnny Lee84VietnamSecurity Software2021
EvenLong Le Huy105VietnamEducation Software2021
EvenTri Cao137VietnamSales Software2021
EvenCong Tran178VietnamCloud-Based Software2021
EvenMartin Nguyen13VietnamE-Commerce Software2021
EvenNguyen Khac Minh Tri97VietnamAgriculture Software2021
EvenPhong Le23VietnamSoftware As A Service Platform(Saas)2021
EvenKim Cuong Pham83VietnamHospitality Software2021
EvenTri Le Ngoc224VietnamArtificial Intelligence Software2021
$9.7M$1.3MEvenHung Pham1165VietnamComputer Software2021
EvenBao Pham307VietnamInformation Technology & Services2021
EvenDinh Le Dat487VietnamDigital Advertising Platforms2021
EvenLong Nguyen829VietnamApplication Development Software2021
EvenDien Tran44VietnamInformation Technology & Services2021
EvenPablo Capurro24VietnamSoftware as a Service Platform(SaaS)2021
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