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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
EvenMichael Golubev157Canada3D Printing Software2021
EvenAlvise Biffi484Italy3D Printing Software2021
$521.3K$300.3KEvenJonathan Borduas132Canada3D Printing Software2020
Even 122United States3D Printing Software2000
EvenPaul Newman1517United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenSebastien  Deguy5918France3D Technology2021
Even 1620Belgium3D Technology2021
EvenBarry Allen8017Canada3D Technology2021
EvenBruce Dell5011Australia3D Technology2021
EvenSharon Lim9721Singapore3D Technology2021
EvenMarco Pavan25United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenChloe Kettell105United States3D Technology2021
EvenJozef Dobos Ceng207United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenMathias Plica397Germany3D Technology2021
EvenYuliya Raquel38United States3D Technology2021
Even Bar Saraf104United States3D Technology2021
EvenJimmy Plante698Canada3D Technology2021
EvenShane Fox275United States3D Technology2021
EvenLars Osterberg216Sweden3D Technology2021
EvenJulie Dorsey68United States3D Technology2021
EvenAkshay Saswade23United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenChristoph Strecha17810Switzerland3D Technology2021
EvenMichal Koor277United States3D Technology2021
EvenPeter Neil104New Zealand3D Technology2021
Even Shuangquan Peng1510China3D Technology2021
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