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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
EvenSpencer Jones102021
EvenMinh-Phuc Tran102021
EvenLeibel Hecht12United StatesE Commerce Software2021
EvenSven Frese10NetherlandsComputer Games2021
EvenJay DeDapper18United StatesEnterprise Software2021
EvenVadim Ismakaev16United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenJordan Yaker18United StatesEnergy Software2021
EvenNathalie du Preez17United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenLloyd  LaMere1United StatesCareer / Job Search Software2021
EvenScott Schlichter110United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenLewis King117United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenRic Hattabaugh110United StatesAnalytics Software2021
Even 18United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenMilind Mody118United StatesMarketing Software2021
EvenJosh Stevens17United StatesAnalytics Software2021
Even 19United StatesEmail Software2021
EvenDerick Downs16United StatesMarketing Software2021
EvenJeff Baldi19United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenMatthias Zeitler111United StatesCustomer Support Software2021
EvenDarin Hammond19United StatesE-Commerce Software2021
EvenAllen Hartwig111United StatesMarketing Software2021
EvenJagadish Channagiri19United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenWaheed Barghouthi112United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenMatt Lovett16United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenMurry Ivanoff110United StatesAdvertising Software2021
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