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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Evenmichel van velde45NetherlandsAgency2021
EvenAdam Steinberg6United StatesInformation Technology Software2021
EvenCraig Finlay4United StatesE-Commerce Software2021
Even 11United StatesCrowdfunding Software2021
EvenSeda Atam9United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenTauno Novek1United StatesCrowdfunding Software2021
EvenEvan Goldberg8United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenRavish Ahuja8United StatesEnterprise Software2021
EvenKeenan 9United StatesMarketing Software2021
Even 12United StatesAdvertising Software2021
Even 7United StatesAdvertising Software2021
Even 13United StatesCloud Computing Software2021
EvenJeff Walsh 13United StatesCustomer Support Software2021
EvenNikhil Mandrekar4United StatesE-Commerce Software2021
Even 14United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenJohn Todora15United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenJoel Santo2United StatesEducation Software2021
EvenLloyd  LaMere1United StatesCareer / Job Search Software2021
Even 4United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenTony Diepenbrock10United StatesAdvertising Software2021
EvenDaniel Nelson4United StatesCommunication Software2021
EvenTal Turner14United StatesAnalytics Software2021
Even 7United StatesMarketing Software2021
EvenLudovic Charbonnel5United StatesAnalytics Software2021
EvenMatt A. Smith2United StatesEnterprise Software2021
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