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Name Revenue Funding Valuation Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even1297 United States Website Builder Software 2021
Even17 Ukraine Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) 2021
Even14124 Travel Software 2021
-$50.0K253 Czechia Analytics Software 2020
Even21 Croatia Application Development Software 2021
Even43 United States Information Technology Software 2021
Even59 Poland Event Management Software 2020
Even236 Czech Republic Web Management Software 2021
Even17 Turkey Information Technology Software 2021
Even18 United States Monitoring Software 2021
Even75 Innovation Intelligence Software 2021
Neg3K10 Germany Delivery Service Software 2020
Even613 Turkey Business Intelligence Software 2021
Even128 United States Financial Services Software 2021
Even549 United Kingdom Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2021
Even16 Turkey Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) 2021
Even796 Portugal Communication Software 2021
Even375 United States Advertising Software 2021
Even110 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even711 United States Customer Support Software 2021
Even137 United States 2020
Even74 Poland Information Technology & Services 2021
Even118 United States Information Technology Software 2021
Even3212 United States Education Software 2021
Even545 Poland Information Technology Software 2021
Even2 United States Law Enforcement Software 2019
Even23 Germany Construction Software 2018
Even72 Netherlands Hospitality Software 2021
Even186 Netherlands IOT Software 2021
Even19213 Netherlands Event Management Software 2021
Even2611 Netherlands Education Software 2021
Even6210 United Kingdom Financial Services Software 2021
Even135 Netherlands Information Technology Software 2021
Even24 Software As A Service Platform(Saas) 2021
Even71 France Information Technology Software 2021
Even56 United States Accounting Software 2018
Even67 United Kingdom Cloud Computing Software 2014
Even45 United Kingdom 2021
Even1011 Seo Software 2021
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