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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
EvenAkram Atallah5114JapanEnterprise Software2021
EvenYevgeny Filatov2K33RussiaAccounting and Finance Software2021
EvenGorkemb 53TurkeyOnline Appointment Scheduling Software2020
EvenAhmad Al-Shagra54EstoniaEducation Software2020
Even 94SpainFinTech Software2021
$19.3M$1.7MEvenJan Orzechowski32411PolandDevelopment Software2021
EvenJan Andersen1115GermanySoftware2021
EvenJeff Yurcisin2K12United StatesRetail Software2021
EvenAvinash Saurabh129IndiaHealthcare Software2021
EvenSheeraz Haji25United StatesFinancial Services Software2021
EvenKim Pedersen210United StatesSoftware as a Service Platform(SaaS)2021
EvenEdwin Sauer21GermanyE-Learning Software2021
EvenKouji Kodera68United StatesHealthcare Software2021
Even 421AustraliaSaaS Software2021
EvenNuno Sá Couto32PortugalArtificial Intelligence Software2021
EvenEric Stephens2127United StatesDocument Management2021
EvenRahul Khinvasara13315IndiaSupply Chain & Logistics Software2021
EvenJayakanth Kesan146IndiaHealthcare Software2021
EvenKaren Yunying Liao38ChinaEnterprise Software2021
EvenPhilip Debbas269GermanyCRM and Related Software2021
EvenRasmus Aaen Madsen215DenmarkAnalytics Software2021
EvenJerry Shafran46United StatesInformation Technology & Services2021
$28.2K$469.8KEvenAnna Franziska11GermanyMachine Learning Software2021
EvenAnke Erler63GermanySoftware Software2021
EvenSergio A. Aragón82United StatesInformation Technology & Services2021
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