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Name Revenue Funding Valuation Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even5114 Japan Enterprise Software 2021
Even115 Japan Saas 2021
Even2K33 Russia Accounting and Finance Software 2021
Even53 Turkey Online Appointment Scheduling Software 2020
Even94 Spain FinTech Software 2021
Even32411 Poland Development Software 2021
Even1115 Germany Software 2021
$397.0M$138.6M$2.4BEven2K12 United States Retail Software 2021
Even129 India Healthcare Software 2021
Even25 United States Financial Services Software 2021
Even210 United States Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) 2021
Even21 Germany E-Learning Software 2021
Even68 United States Healthcare Software 2021
Even421 Australia SaaS Software 2021
Even32 Portugal Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even2127 United States Document Management 2021
Even13315 India Supply Chain & Logistics Software 2021
Even146 India Healthcare Software 2021
Even38 China Enterprise Software 2021
Even269 Germany CRM and Related Software 2021
Even215 Denmark Analytics Software 2021
Even46 United States Information Technology & Services 2021
Even11 Germany Machine Learning Software 2021
Even63 Germany Software Software 2021
Even82 United States Information Technology & Services 2021
Even42 United States Accounting Software 2020
Even212 United States Design Software 2021
Even24215 United States Business Intelligence Software 2021
Even236 Application Development Software 2021
Even336 United States Analytics Software 2019
Even1218 Switzerland Authoring And Publishing Software 2021
Even313 United States Internet 2021
Neg7014 Germany Insurance Software 2020
Even13 United States Application Development Software 2021
Even84 France Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even81 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even204 Italy Agriculture Software 2021
-$20.0K524 Singapore HR Software 2021
Neg1007 United States Online Appointment Scheduling Software 2021
Even21 Germany Information Technology & Services 2021
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