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Name Revenue Funding Valuation Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even31117 Canada Cloud Computing Software 2021
Even2269 United Kingdom Artificial Intelligence Software 2018
Even31 United States Information Technology & Services 2021
Even23730 United States Security Software 2021
Even91822 United States Financial Services Software 2021
Even20029 Russia Information Technology Software 2021
Even22821 United States Information Technology & Services 2021
Even399 China Information Technology & Services 2021
Even229 United States Healthcare Software 2021
Even718 Germany Business Intelligence Software 2021
Even1525 Spain 2021
Even182 United States Blockchain Software 2021
$12.3M$201.7M$23.0MEven34720 United States Communities Software 2018
Even4807 France Broadcasting Software 2021
Even1K16 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even1299 Netherlands E Commerce Software 2020
Even3689 United States 2020
$20.6M$277.0M$1.0BEven43712 United States Financial Services Software 2021
Even54752 United States Hr Software 2021
Even2320 United Kingdom Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) 2021
$66.1M$119.0M$289.1MEven2566 Singapore E-Commerce Software 2021
Even527 United States Video Solution Software 2020
Even3469 United States Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software 2021
Even508 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even54 China Video Solution Software 2021
Neg3807 United States Digital Analytics Software 2021
Even50621 India Enterprise Software 2021
$649.5M$120.0M$4.8BEven3497 China Authoring And Publishing Software 2021
Even1310 Sweden Analytics Software 2021
Even17920 Sweden 2021
Even7132 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even505 United States Identity Management Software 2021
Even30213 United States 2019
Even42711 United States Nonprofit Software 2021
Even9928 China Financial Services Software 2021
Even26114 United States CRM and Related Software 2021
Even27519 Germany Digital Marketing Solutions 2021
Even11810 United States Application Development Software 2021
Even1611 Chile E Commerce Software 2021
Even2376 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
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