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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
EvenJerry Ropelato368United States3D Technology2021
EvenJoachim Klein7016United States3D Technology2021
EvenPaul Lee176Hong Kong3D Technology2021
EvenFredi Nonyelu518United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenAndrey Golub197Italy3D Technology2021
EvenVincent Picou1413France3D Technology2021
EvenFranck De Visme114France3D Technology2021
EvenNaureen Mahmood73Germany3D Technology2021
Even 18United States3D Technology2021
EvenJames Harrison725United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenQiang Fu67China3D Technology2021
EvenRupert Deans 126Australia3D Technology2021
EvenPaul Newman1517United Kingdom3D Technology2021
EvenMichael Edmondson53D Technology2020
$1.0M$8.5MEvenKevin DeVito1113United States3D Technology2021
$1.0M$225.0KEvenBrian Bordley173D Technology2021
$1.0M$5.5MEvenAmir Rubin228United States3D Technology2021
$1.0M$400.0KEvenMichele Marino119Spain3D Technology2021
$1.0M$1.8MEvenNathan Henderson546United States3D Technology2021
$9.6M$42.3MNegA.J. Altman30010United States3D Technology2020
EvenDaniel Cheah1Singapore3D Technology2021
PosYonatan Wolowelsky3Israel3D Technology2020
EvenWill Huang22United StatesAR Software2021
$1.2M$500.0KEvenSai Krishna254IndiaAR Software2020
EvenMichael Bauer1614United StatesAccount-Based Marketing Software2021
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