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Name Revenue Funding Valuation Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even137 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2752
Even928 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2032
Even471 Germany Analytics Software 2032
Neg584 United States Application Development Software 2022
Even299 United States CRM and Related Software 2021
Pos228 United States Marketing & Advertising 2021
Even250 Australia Event Management Software 2021
Even1195 France Payroll Software 2021
Even8666 United States 2021
Even24610 United States Information Technology & Services 2021
Even651 United States Content Management Systems 2021
Even223 United States B2B Software 2021
Even20015 Saudi Arabia Information Technology & Services 2021
Even886 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even483 United States Financial Services Software 2021
Even38913 United States Healthcare Software 2021
Even51 India Healthcare Software 2021
Even4965 United States Marketing Software 2021
Pos405 Finland Enterprise Feedback Management Software 2021
Even203 Indonesia Supply Chain & Logistics Software 2021
Even251 United States Security Software 2021
Even83 Turkey Application Development Software 2021
Neg2017 United States Social Media Marketing Software 2021
Even8111 Sweden Cloud Computing Software 2021
Even2487 Austria Analytics Software 2021
Even134 United States Insurance Software 2021
Even62 Canada Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even62 Germany Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2021
Even422 United States Healthcare Software 2021
Even273 United States Software as a Service Platform(SaaS) 2021
Even161 Canada Financial Services Software 2021
Even117 United States Cloud Computing Software 2021
Pos354 Germany HR Software 2021
Even71 United States 2021
Even10 Australia Collaboration & Productivity Software 2021
Even151 Singapore Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2021
Even2257 Germany Digital Marketing Solutions 2021
Even301 United Arab Emirates Financial Services Software 2021
Even218 New Zealand Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2021
Even54 Retail Software 2021
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