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Name Revenue Funding Valuation Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even145-18015 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even6-182 United States Food & Beverages Software 2021
Even20 United Kingdom E commerce software 2021
Even100 United States Analytics Software 2021
Even20 Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even10 Process Automation Software 2021
Even10 Social Media Marketing Software 2021
Even10 Netherlands Computer Games 2021
$19.2K$1.1M$5.0MEven70 Romania E Commerce Software 2021
Even420 United States Information Technology Software 2021
Even80 Germany Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even170 Germany Agriculture Software 2021
Even10 Canada Fraud Detection Software 2021
Even80 Canada Health Care Software 2021
Even60 United States Information Technology Software 2021
Even10 Germany SaaS Software 2021
Even40 United Kingdom Delivery Service Software 2021
Even90 Germany Employee Benefits Software 2021
Even30 France SaaS Software 2021
Even10 United Kingdom Software 2021
Even10 Chile Software 2021
Even60 Australia Environmental Engineering Software 2021
Even70 United States E-Learning Software 2021
Even120 Turkey Marketing Software 2021
Even50 United States Insurance Software 2021
Even90 Canada Bitcoin Software 2021
Even60 Germany Real Estate Software 2021
Even130 Japan Financial Services Software 2021
Even50 United States Artificial Intelligence Software 2021
Even50 United Kingdom Cyber Security Software 2021
Even50 Australia Advertising Software 2021
Even10 United States Software Software 2021
Even50 United States Information Technology Software 2021
Even20 United Kingdom Software 2020
Even50 Canada Online Appointment Scheduling Software 2020
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