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Think of GetLatka like a big excel file built with audio data directly from the founders mouth.

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Gejza Nagy

Gejza Nagy


Excellent list of SaaS companies

Excellent list of SaaS companies. You can filter by Indutry, revenue, funding, region, etc. Excellent resource, where you can find relevant SaaS businesses in your region.

Ale Arg

Ale Arg


Awesome content for B2B SaaS founders

Great content! Outstanding stuff for B2B SaaS founders, sales and marketing, growth teams.


Your new secret weapon in SaaS

Latka helps you identify actionable insights before the rest of the SaaS industry

150 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies in April

Access revenue, revenue growth and team headcount growth across sales, marketing and engineering teams to discover the fastest growing SaaS companies and teams.

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Get direct access to the founders and key leaders in SaaS with one-click contacting.

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Keep up with funding and M&A trends and unlock a competitive advantage with company specific SaaS metrics (churn, CAC, retention, LTV, monthly burn, profitability and ownership.) source straight from the founders’ mouths.

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SaaS metrics (churn, CAC, retention, LTV, monthly burn, profitability and ownership)

How our data is used

Our rich, in-depth data helps SaaS industry leaders and businesses make informed decisions with insights you can’t anywhere else.

Answers questions like...
Which disruptive SaaS companies should keep on my radar?Which emerging SaaS trends could empower or kill us?What new markets and sectors should we enter?What is our competitors strategy?How do our SaaS metrics stack up against our peers?What should we expect with our next fundraise?Who should we acquire?Who should we invest in?Who is our next customer?Who are the publicly traded SaaS companies of tomorrow?

We Help Key Innovators Such As...

SaaS LeadersSaaS Leaders
Sales TeamsSales Teams
M&A & PEM&A & PE
Venture CapitalVenture Capital
Growth & StrategyGrowth & Strategy
Investment BankInvestment Bank
Aspiring SaaS EntreprenuersAspiring SaaS Entreprenuers

Don’t just take our word for it

You can tell the guys who are faking it and who aren’t. Latka is the real deal. We’ve used the data to identify SaaS companies who could be potential customers of ZoomInfo and also to find M&A targets.
Henry Schuck
Henry SchuckCEO at ZoomInfo
I love the Latka database. We use it for sourcing top deals and getting smarter about Founders. The data just doesn’t exist in other platforms we look at like Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and SourceScrub.
Adam O’Donnel
Adam O’DonnelVC at Mighty Capital
I’m trying to scale from $5M in ARR up past $10M in ARR and ran out of ideas. We use Latka data to get new ideas on growth channels, churn benchmarks, and cash flow analysis of others in our space.
Saravana Kumar
Saravana KumarCEO at