Behind SalesScout's Epic 600% MRR Growth

by Doug Podgorny
June 29, 2018

Quality lead data is the backbone of any successful sales team. SalesScout has been helping sales and marketing teams for the last 3 years with lead generation and data solutions designed to fuel pipeline growth at all stages of the funnel.

The Colorado-based startup was founded by Chris Silvestri in 2014 to create a single source of truth for B2B data and a system that would cut the research time in half. After raising a $2.5M Series A round, Silvestri was replaced at CEO by serial entrepreneur Chris Lynde.

What is SalesScout's MRR?

When Lynde joined SalesScout in March of 2017, MRR was at an underwhelming $35k. Today, after 6 months of 24% average month over month growth, SalesScout is at an astonishing $280k in MRR. Lynde credits the efficacy of their own tool and optimized operations with the impressive surge in revenue.

How many customers does SalesScout have?

SalesScout's customer base is split between enterprise-level and smaller accounts. They have 100 customers today with 30 enterprises and 70 smaller companies. Their enterprise customers pay SalesScout an ACV of $150k on a cost per lead basis.

Since Lynde joined the company in March, churn has been close to zero. He cites only one lost company in this time period due to poor fit overall. SalesScout prides itself on having quality, useful data that keeps customers sticky and generates expansion revenue.

How much does SalesScout pay to acquire customers?

One of the benefits of owning a B2B sales data solution is that it can be used on internal efforts to drive pipeline growth. This, along with strong word of mouth and referrals, has helped plummet SalesScouts CAC close to zero.

While the company is still young, low levels of churn lead Lynde to predict an LTV anywhere from $300-500k. Going forward, they have recently hired a VP of Marketing who will be responsible for leading growth efforts and determining these metrics.

Where is SalesScout located?

SalesScout's team of 20 is mostly based in Boulder, Colorado with a handful of employees also in Arizona. They also have a scalable off-shore team that is utilized based on demand.

SalesScout's incredible growth in Lynde's first year at the helm was, without a doubt, impressive. Keep an eye on this startup as they look to keep their remarkable growth trajectory in 2018 and beyond.