These 200 SaaS Companies Have The Highest Revenue Per Employee

by Nathan Latka
August 11, 2017

Smart people are starting to quickly see through the bullshit when founders lead conversations with "our team size is up to 300 from just 30 last year!".

Smart people hear: "We increased burn 10x, but I won't tell you about our revenue issues."

I decided to interview 200 SaaS founders for my podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs, where I made sure to ask each of them what their current revenue was and how many employees they had so I could compile this list.

Click on each company logo to view their company page with more details and the full audio recording with the CEO.

1: Fileboard

They generate revenues of $979k per employee.

Fileboard is in an interesting spot, founded in 2012, they’re annual logo churn is too high at 36%. That being said, they should be investing more to make customers happy, and have plenty of wiggle room in their unit economics with a $300 customer acquisition cost (CAC, not fully weighted) and a monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) of $2083.

They have room and time to figure it out with just $700k raised and monthly recurring revenues (MRR) approaching the $2m mark.

2: Cooleaf

They generate revenues of $654k per employee.

Big fan of Prem, he was wicked sharp and had charm on my podcast, but I don’t see how this business grows to $100m+. Sales training space faces onslaught of competition from lifestyle based coaches and high paid authors that thought lead in sales space.

That being said, Prem has time to figure it out. Worse case, making $7.2m per year growing at 2-3% ain’t such a bad gig. With just $800k raised, Prem hasn’t suffered Series A, B, C type of dilution. Lets watch what he does with the company. Prove me wrong Prem!

3: Expensify

They generate revenues of $530k per employee.

Ahh Fintech. You VC’s reading this are salivating. The data. The software. Big returns. David has certainly played the funding game with $25m+ raised, but he’s resisted the urge to go into cash burn panic zone cranking in a healthy $530k in revenue per employee.

Watch what David does as he looks to expand past easy expense reporting.

4. rFactr

They generate revenues of $480k per employee.

After passing $50k in MRR, raising $2.5m, and growing our team to 25 people at my first software company, Heyo, managing assets like pitch decks, one pagers, and webinar slides became a nightmare. When we were selling the company (listen to negotiation here), transferring these assets and labeling them in due diligence was a nightmare.

Big fan of rFactr because they solve this problem by making all of your marketing and sales collateral searchable and organized. This means your sales people can find the one pager they need, when they need it.

Founded in 2000 and led by Richard Brasser out of Charlotte, these folks are one to watch about to pass the $1m in MRR mark.

5: SumoLogic

They generate revenues of $460k per employee.

At 45 years old, Ramin's got energy to boot. They're competing in a crowded space where companies charge to take data and translate it into actionable IT insights.

Sumo seems to be running away with the market with healthy unit economics including average annual contract values (ACV) of $70k+ and payback periods less than 14 months.

I bet you see these guys file to go public in the next 24 months. Watch!

6. BatchBook

They generate revenues of $403k per employee.

7: NurseVersity

They generate revenues of $316k per employee.

8: SnapLogic

They generate revenues of $288k per employee.

9: ProsperWorks

They generate revenues of $286k per employee.

10: DemandBase

They do $256k in revenue per employee.

There you have it! These companies have all managed to grow their companies without growing their burn to extreme levels by maintaining very high revenue per employee ratios.

To see the rest of the rankings 11-200 click the link below.

If you have questions about the data or feedback, feel free to email me nathan at nathanlatka dot com.