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Founded 1998

Glodon (SHE: 002410)

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How Glodon (SHE: 002410) hit $98.6M in Revenue with 380K Customers in 2021.

About Glodon (SHE: 002410)

Developer of a construction budgeting software designed to focus on the entire life cycle of the construction projects. The company's construction budgeting software offers quantity take-off, cost estimate, tendering documents management, evaluation and project management services enabling the civil building, industrial engineering and infrastructure industries to avail professional software products and services.

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Glodon (SHE: 002410) Revenue

In 2021, Glodon (SHE: 002410) revenue run rate hit $98.6M in revenue.


Glodon (SHE: 002410) Valuation and Funding History

Glodon (SHE: 002410) has raised a total of $3.0M.

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Glodon (SHE: 002410) has 380K customers.

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Glodon (SHE: 002410) has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Glodon (SHE: 002410) has 1,174 employees. They have 1 sales rep that carries a quota They have a marketing team of 1.


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Zhizong Diao


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Frequently Asked Questions about Glodon (SHE: 002410)

When was Glodon (SHE: 002410) founded?

Glodon (SHE: 002410) was founded in 1998.

Who is the CEO of Glodon (SHE: 002410)?

The CEO of Glodon (SHE: 002410) is Zhizong Diao

How many employees does Glodon (SHE: 002410) have?

Glodon (SHE: 002410) has 1,174 employees.

How much revenue does Glodon (SHE: 002410) generate?

Glodon (SHE: 002410) generates $98.6M in revenue.

How much funding does Glodon (SHE: 002410) have?

Glodon (SHE: 002410) has raised $3.0M.

Where is Glodon (SHE: 002410) headquarters?

Glodon (SHE: 002410) is headquartered at China

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