As of Jan 2020, these 75 SaaS companies are the largest in the Accounting And Finance Software space.

The Top Accounting And Finance Software SaaS Companies

This list tracks the largest private B2B Accounting And Finance Software SaaS companies by revenue. In total, this list features 75 companies with combined revenues of $577.8M.

These companies have raised a total of $2.1B. Together, these Accounting And Finance Software saas companies serve 16M customers and employ over 7K on their teams.




Accounting And Finance Software

Vasco Data Security International designs, develops and markets digital services for identity, security and business productivity that protect and facilitate transactions online, via mobile devices and in-person. The company provides anti-fraud and digital transaction management services to financial institutions and other businesses. Its services offer secure access to data, assets and applications for global enterprises, as well as, provide tools for application developers to integrate security functions into their web-based and mobile applications and facilitate digital transactions involving the signing, sending and managing of documents. VASCO was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company seeks to acquire other technology companies that could expand its technology portfolio or its customer base and allow it to achieve the business objectives.

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Accounting And Finance Software

Finance-owned software that leverage your existing financial systems to speed-up processes, increase accuracy,and encourage wider participation. Flexible reporting tools, fast analytics dashboards, and controlled budgeting solutions inside of Excel and...

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Accounting And Finance Software

Keep it simple with one cloud provider. Today more than 6,000 Sherweb partners grow their business using our value-added services. Our approach is simple: help partners, no matter their size, add value to their customers by providing a tailored approach to their needs. Our expert teams support partners in positioning the best business-critical solutions. Our user-friendly partner portal, streamlined with seamless integrations to power operations, centralizes licensing, billing and migrations. Our strategic advice and consulting allows partners to take their success to the next level. With Sherweb as your trusted cloud partner, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve. Simplifiez-vous la vie avec un seul fournisseur de solutions cloud. Plus de 6 000 partenaires et 60 000 entreprises autour du globe développent leurs activités grâce aux services à valeur ajoutée de Sherweb. Nous vous soutenons à l'aide d'une expertise en matière de stratégies d’affaires, de services cloud, de gestion d’


Accounting And Finance Software

Developer of financial software designed to help auditors, accountants and other finance professionals to perform data analysis, improve audits and identify control breakdowns. The company's software automates the financial reporting process and creates a streamlined approach for managing and conducting audits, reviews and compilations and also perform detailed analysis and fraud detection tests and support overall practice management, enabling accounting firms, governments and corporations manage audit and financial reporting processes more efficiently and with less risk.


Accounting And Finance Software

Provider of financial software products intended to make banking better for both the customer and the bank. The company's SaaS-based platform offers a product and pricing lifecycle management (PPLM) platform which allows banks to manage products, pricing, loyalty and billing across the entire client relationship, enabling banks deepen customer relationships by uniting common customer, product, pricing and billing functions in one integrated service.

Corptax Software

Accounting And Finance Software

Provider of corporate tax software solutions and services. The company markets, develops, and supports commercial tax software and process solutions in the U.S. It products include CORPTAX MART, a Web-based modeling, analysis, and reporting tool; CORPTAX State Planner, which automates the calculation of estimated income tax for multiple states and doubles as a tool for planning corporate changes; CORPTAX Provision that provides planning, workflow, compliance, data collection and reporting in one complete system; CORPTAX Advanced Global Provision, which calculates federal, state, and foreign current and deferred tax provision, deferred tax assets and liabilities, rate reconciliation, footnote disclosure, and global tax basis balance sheet and provides for data analysis, audit support, and planning; and CORPTAX FIN 48. The company's services include tax department reengineering, implementation services, loan staffing, and training and support. It also offers implementation and conversion

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MBO Partners

Accounting And Finance Software

Provider of independent workforce services. The company's business operating system platform features re-envisioning and streamlining of the entire contract talent acquisition and engagement lifecycle and offers secure, compliant and efficient engagement and payment process enabling global enterprises to remove costs and risks from the services supply chain while making it is easy for talented professionals to work on interesting and valuable assignments.

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Tax Technologies

Accounting And Finance Software

Developer of a Saas-based tax compliance software designed to handle corporate income tax related tasks. The company's tax compliance software, Tax Series uses tax calendar and document management techniques to handle data collection, tax planning, compliance reporting, provision reporting, audit support, legal entity maintenance, task scheduling through, enabling corporations to manage their tax related data in a single database and handle tax compliance quickly, efficiently and transparently within a short time frame.

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Accounting And Finance Software

Provider of a SaaS based online financial management software designed to change the way accountants and SMBs interact. The company offers Brazilian small business owners an intuitive tool to help manage them their finances, promoting the integration and efficient dialogue between them and their accountants.

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Accounting And Finance Software

Provider of an application platform intended to offer expense management services. The company's application platform offers an expense-management software that streamlines management of professional expense reports, enabling businesses to efficiently and quickly manage any expense and mileage claims.

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What are the fastest growing companies doing?

83 of the fastest growing companies that also have the most revenue have a clear expansion revenue strategy. On average, sales reps are selling plans where starting contract value is $4,606.

Those same companies employ 1,678 sales reps that carry a quota. The most common compensation plan used by these companies is a 1:5 ratio of sales rep on target earnings (OTE) to quota. Meaning if a rep can earn $200k in base and commissions, quota target for that year is set at 5x, or $1m in new ARR closed.

If you’re going to build a high growth SaaS company, you need to figure out how to scale with quota carrying sales reps.

Which CEO’s are the most efficient capital allocators?

We can measure this a variety of ways. Which company has the most revenue per employee? What about dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised? What about time, which founder went from $0 to $10m the fastest?

Looking deeper at dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised, bootstrappers take the cake because they self fund (denominator zero). When we look at companies that have raised at least $1m, Actito is the clear winner generating $21m in revenue, growing 100% yoy, on just 1m raised ($.05 dollars raised for every $1 of revenue).

Omnisend comes in a close second with $.08 dollars raised for every dollar of revenue. Doing $19m as of December 2020. Proposify gets honorable mention with $0.46 dollars raised (3.25m) for every dollar of revenue ($7m).

The worst performers here are companies like YayPay with $3.68 dollars raised ($14m) per dollar of revenue ($3.8m). Many of the worst performers just did a round of funding and haven’t had a chance to deploy to drive growth yet. That makes this data less valuable but still illustrative.