As of Jan 2020, these 4 SaaS companies are the largest in the Customer Service space.

The Top Customer Service SaaS Companies

This list tracks the largest private B2B Customer Service SaaS companies by revenue. In total, this list features 4 companies with combined revenues of $2.4M.

These companies have raised a total of $860K. Together, these Customer Service saas companies serve 0 customers and employ over 40 on their teams.



Top SaaS Companies with $1 - $5M ARR

Top SaaS Companies with $5 - $10M ARR

Top SaaS Companies with $10M+ ARR


Customer Service

Provider of a live chat and sales associate software designed to offer a fully featured, collaborative, live support platform with chat, audio, and video capabilities. The company's live chat and sales associate software allows 360 degree view on visitor shopping history, journey and dropping points, cross-device messaging capabilities including video, audio and text chat alongside email and social inbox integration, real time access to performance reports, traffic trends, calls and chat transcripts, enabling online retail business to plan and execute their live support and pre-sale interaction strategies.


Customer Service

Provider of an automated customer service management platform designed to reduce call center volume and increase customer satisfaction. The company's automated customer service management platform fields naturally-worded questions from customers and replies with contextually appropriate answers via email, floating chat windows, or even through channels like Facebook Messenger, enabling brands to provide answers to their customers with escalation paths and access to personalized content.


Customer Service

Operator of an AI-powered service for customer support platform created to to apply AI at scale to customer support. The company's customer support platform offers an artificial intelligence service to resolve customer support tickets to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs, it uses sophisticated algorithms to read and understand all the interactions from past tickets between the customer support agent and the customer,enabling businesses to intelligently classify and automatically respond to simple known issues and more importantly assist the agents with the top three recommended responses to complex questions.

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Customer Service

Crowdfind an enterprise software company improving companies' lost and found and maintenance departments with our Image-Led Workflow technology. It all started with our Lost and Found software which integrates onto our client’s website so their customers can search and file claims for their items 24/7. This saves employee time spent on lost and found management. Other features include inventory tracking, automated reporting, digital customer communication via our chat function, and integrated shipping. In 2018, we released our new CMMS work ticket management software, FixIt. Utilizing our Image-Led Workflow technology to create work tickets, FixIt will completely modernize facility maintenance software. Take a picture of the issue, the maintenance team gets notified, fixes it, and uses a picture to mark as complete. Some of our clients include Navy Pier, Live Nation, Virginia Tech, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Salt Lake City International Airport, LA Coliseum, University of Michigan, and

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What are the fastest growing companies doing?

83 of the fastest growing companies that also have the most revenue have a clear expansion revenue strategy. On average, sales reps are selling plans where starting contract value is $4,606.

Those same companies employ 1,678 sales reps that carry a quota. The most common compensation plan used by these companies is a 1:5 ratio of sales rep on target earnings (OTE) to quota. Meaning if a rep can earn $200k in base and commissions, quota target for that year is set at 5x, or $1m in new ARR closed.

If you’re going to build a high growth SaaS company, you need to figure out how to scale with quota carrying sales reps.

Which CEO’s are the most efficient capital allocators?

We can measure this a variety of ways. Which company has the most revenue per employee? What about dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised? What about time, which founder went from $0 to $10m the fastest?

Looking deeper at dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised, bootstrappers take the cake because they self fund (denominator zero). When we look at companies that have raised at least $1m, Actito is the clear winner generating $21m in revenue, growing 100% yoy, on just 1m raised ($.05 dollars raised for every $1 of revenue).

Omnisend comes in a close second with $.08 dollars raised for every dollar of revenue. Doing $19m as of December 2020. Proposify gets honorable mention with $0.46 dollars raised (3.25m) for every dollar of revenue ($7m).

The worst performers here are companies like YayPay with $3.68 dollars raised ($14m) per dollar of revenue ($3.8m). Many of the worst performers just did a round of funding and haven’t had a chance to deploy to drive growth yet. That makes this data less valuable but still illustrative.