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New Relic, Inc., is a software-as-a-service company, provides various digital products worldwide. Its cloud-based platform and suite of products include New Relic Platform, which enable organizations to collect, store, and analyze data. The company offers New Relic Application Performance Monitoring that provides visibility into the performance and usage of server-based applications, including data pertaining to response time, transaction throughput, error rates, top transactions, and user satisfaction; New Relic Mobile, which provides code-level visibility into the performance and health of mobile applications running on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems; and New Relic Browser that monitors the page view experiences of actual end-users for desktop and mobile browser-based applications. It also provides New Relic Synthetics, which simulates usage and reproduces business-critical functionality that enables its users to test their software throughout the entire development life cycle; New Relic Infrastructure that provides a view of the health and configuration changes for an enterprise's entire host ecosystem across various environments; and New Relic Insights that enables technology and business users to perform real-time analysis. In addition, the company offers New Relic Applied Intelligence platform; New Relic Alerts, which provides a centralized notification system; and New Relic's extensible architecture that provides customers, partners, and third-party developers with APIs and SDKs to build software integrations. It sells its products through direct sales organizations, online and offline sales, and marketing activities. The company was founded by Lewis Cirne in September 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


188 Spear Street San Francisco US



New Relic has 2,131 employees.


Lewis Cirne

What is New Relic Net Income?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q218 Q117 Q417 Q317 Q2-$60M-$45M-$30M-$15M$0
  • Net Income

What is New Relic Revenue and Operating Income?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q218 Q117 Q417 Q317 Q2-$60M$0$60M$120M$180M
  • Total Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Operating Income

What is New Relic Cash Flow?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q218 Q117 Q417 Q317 Q2-$25M$0$25M$50M$75M

How much Cash does New Relic have?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q218 Q117 Q417 Q317 Q2$0$250M$500M$750M$1B
  • Current Cash

What is New Relic Operating Expenses?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q218 Q117 Q417 Q317 Q2$0$55M$110M$165M$220M
  • Research And Development
  • General And Administrative
  • Cost of Revenue

What is New Relic Growth?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q318 Q20.00%15.00%30.00%45.00%60.00%
  • Total Revenue Y/Y
  • Operating Expense Y/Y

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