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Snowflake, Inc. provides cloud data warehousing software. It provides SQL data warehouse, zero management, and broad ecosystem products. It offers data warehouse modernization, accelerating analytics, enabling developers and monitoring and security analysis solutions to federal government, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail and CPG, gaming, education and technology industries. The company was founded by Marcin Zukowski, Thierry Cruanes and Benoit Dageville in 2013 and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA.


450 Concar Drive San Mateo US



Frank Slootman

What is Snowflake Net Income?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q3-$100M-$80M-$60M-$40M-$20M
  • Net Income

What is Snowflake Revenue and Operating Income?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q3-$140M-$70M$0$70M$140M
  • Total Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Operating Income

What is Snowflake Cash Flow?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q219 Q118 Q3-$45M-$30M-$15M$0$15M

How much Cash does Snowflake have?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q218 Q4$0$150M$300M$450M$600M
  • Current Cash

What is Snowflake Operating Expenses?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q319 Q219 Q118 Q418 Q3$0$55M$110M$165M$220M
  • Research And Development
  • General And Administrative
  • Cost of Revenue

What is Snowflake Growth?

20 Q220 Q119 Q419 Q30.00%40.00%80.00%120.00%160.00%
  • Total Revenue Y/Y
  • Operating Expense Y/Y

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