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How RedShield Security hit $3.6M in Revenue.

About RedShield Security

Developer of a web application and website protection software based in New Zealand. The company provides security operations, tools, and proprietary shielding micro-services through its platform that save our customers time, money, and ensure secure business operations.

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WellingtonWellingtonNew Zealand

RedShield Security Revenue

In 2021, RedShield Security revenue run rate hit $3.6M in revenue.


RedShield Security Valuation and Funding History

RedShield Security has raised a total of $18.5M.

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RedShield Security has 0 customers.

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RedShield Security has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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RedShield Security has 54 employees. They have 1 sales rep that carries a quota They have an engineering team of 37. and a marketing team of 1.


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37 (69%)


1 (2%)


1 (2%)


Andy Prow

Andy Prow is the Chief Executive Officer at RedShield Security. Additionally, Andy Prow has had 1 past job as the CEO And Founder at Aura Information Security.


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Frequently Asked Questions about RedShield Security

When was RedShield Security founded?

RedShield Security was founded in 2008.

Who is the CEO of RedShield Security?

The CEO of RedShield Security is Andy Prow

How many employees does RedShield Security have?

RedShield Security has 54 employees.

How much revenue does RedShield Security generate?

RedShield Security generates $3.6M in revenue.

How much funding does RedShield Security have?

RedShield Security has raised $18.5M.

Where is RedShield Security headquarters?

RedShield Security is headquartered at WellingtonWellingtonNew Zealand

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