Wayin revenue hit $11.5M in 2024

Wayin generates revenue from 152 customers


1625 Blake Street-Denver, Colorado, United States

How did Latka collect this data?

Latka collected this data by interviewing Wayin CEO Sameer Kazi on Sep 18, 2018

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How Wayin hit $11.5M revenue and 152 customers in 2018.

Wayin enables the world's biggest brands and publishers to deliver authentic, interactive marketing campaign experiences across all digital channels.






2018 Revenue







Wayin Revenue

In 2018, Wayin revenue run rate hit $11.5M in revenue.

  • 2018

    Wayin hit $11.5M in revenue in 2018

  • 1998

    Wayin launched in 1998 with $0 revenue

Wayin Funding History

  • 2015 Series D

    Wayin raised a Series D of in September, 2015

  • 2014 Series C

    Wayin raised a Series C of in July, 2014

  • 2013 Series B

    Wayin raised a Series B of in September, 2013

  • 2012 Venture Round

    Wayin raised a Venture Round of in September, 2012

  • 2012 Series B

    Wayin raised a Series B of in February, 2012

  • 2011 Series A

    Wayin raised a Series A of in June, 2011

September, 25 2015 Series D
July, 09 2014 Series C
September, 01 2013 Series B
September, 01 2012 Venture Round
February, 27 2012 Series B
June, 07 2011 Series A


Wayin has 37 total employees and 3 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 152 customers an engineering team of 5 and a marketing team of 2.

Total team size 37
Engineer 5 (14%)
Sales 3 (8%)
Marketing 2 (5%)

Founder / CEO

Sameer Kazi


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Wayin Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Sameer Kazi CEO [email protected] -

Wayin Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Sameer Kazi CEO [email protected] -

Frequently Asked Questions about Wayin

  • When was Wayin founded?

    Wayin was founded in 1998.

  • How much revenue does Wayin generate?

    Wayin generates $11.5M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of Wayin

    The CEO of Wayin is Sameer Kazi.

  • How much funding does Wayin have?

    Wayin raised $49.6M.

  • How many employees does Wayin have?

    Wayin has 37 employees.

  • Where is Wayin headquarters?

    Wayin is headquartered at 1625 Blake Street-Denver, Colorado, United States

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