Ofir Azury


Investor and Board Advisor at Yotpo


An active investor in the area of early stage technology companies and social impact domains Heading the technology investment arm of Gandyr Group a private investment company with more than 30 companies in its portfolio. I am focused on early stage investments in the areas of mobile Internet SaaS and SW. A private investor in selected companies under a company named Gooday Investments. I believe in people and strive to find the right combination of a great passionate team and a unique selling proposition. I have a vast experience in the start-up arena both as an entrepreneur in several mobile service initiatives and as a hands-on marketer and strategic business advisor for more than 10 years. I respect hard work and love to work hand-in-hand with start-up companies and turn their visionary concepts into winning product offerings through hard work and continuous fine tuning of their service propositions. In the past i have performed a variety of investment analysis for different companies and offered strategic marketing consulting for Internet start-ups. Specialties Technology Investments - From market analysis full investment life cycle and active team support my industry expertise. In-depth strategic marketing analysis of company products and market evaluation. High level of entrepreneurship and vast market knowledge in the areas of mobile and Internet