Chad Rubin


Chad - Rubin

CEO at Skubana


I’ve had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Chad Rubin, Skubana founder and one of the most successful online sellers. How did you come up with the idea to start your own eCommerce business – Think Crucial? It came down to creating products that solve problems. There are two parts to how I arrived at it—first my family background and second my first job after graduation. My parents were in the vacuum cleaner business and were barely able to make ends meet. On the flipside, because I grew up in the business I knew everything there’s to know about vacuum cleaners. Being a first-generation college graduate and working on Wall Street I came across a lot of technology stocks. I saw that stocks of Amazon, Google and online retail giants were doing really well. There was a lot of growth in the field. So I told my parents that instead of selling vacuum cleaners in a physical retail store why not sell them on the Internet. We began by enlisting the problems, so that we could create something customers would appreciate. The big problem was expensive, over-priced genuine products that made you pay for shipping, returns, so we cut out the middleman, created reusable filters, free shipping, free returns and planted a tree for every thousand sold.