Guillaume Moubeche

CEO at Lemlist


Saas founder - grew my company from 0 to 8000+ customers in less than a year - build the biggest community around email outreachGuillaume is the Co-founder and CEO of lemlist, a platform that helps sales teams book more meetings and close more deals with their prospect. In less than two and a half years he and his team grew lemlist from 0 to 8000+ customers worldwide (more than $2,000,000 ARR) without any fundings. He is also the founder of the sales automation family, the coolest and biggest facebook community about sales automation! Guillaume Moubeche, also known as "G.", is theCo-Founder and CEO of lemlist. His mission is to help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to build a profitable business by 2025. In 3 years, G. and his team went from 0 to $5 million ARR at lemlist, 10k+ customers worldwide, without any funding.