Olivier Chanoux

Co-Founder at LumApps


I have been all my life following some moonshots and my dreams. Ive always worked in companies that permitted me to be entrepreneurial and where I was able to wake up every morning with a tremendous desire to change the world. I put all my energy and passion in LumApps that give me the ability rethinking the intranetextranet social Digital Workplace on a worldwide scale. Before LumApps my first experience in creating a new startup was gPartner now Devoteam G Cloud. I was very lucky to work in partnership with the mecca of geeks and business transformation Google. It was in 2009 really early times for the Digitalization of Business where only Google Amazon SalesForces where believing in a new business model for IT the SaaS model. Such an inspiring time Ive had help some world-class Business to rethink their IT environment. Creating a global network of partners around the world. Rethinking the old ages of IT that all companies knew since the year 2000. After only 5 years we had helped more than 1 000 companies for more than a million end users to think a different way. So now why LumApps LumApps is a software editor operating in SaaS since 2012 and serving organizations on a global scale with a worldwide team of over two hundred people and seven international offices. LumApps solutions are category leaders integrating with collaborative suites Office 365 and G Suite to transform the digital workplace. LumApps has raised a total of 100M from top venture capital firms and now serves more than 4 million users worldwide. Visit our website httpswww.lumapps.com To learn more about LumApps please reach out to me at olivierlumapps.com