Smita Kaushik

Entrepreneur In Residence at Near


Describing myself as a dedicated professional social enthusiast imaginative artist and passionate author I would bring creativity leadership and diversity with me. Previously I have worked in Tata Consultancy Services for past three years as System Engineer. I published my first novel in 2011 and since then I have published three more novels. I have painted since the age of two and currently I work with tribal arts such as Madhubani and Warli. My USP is that I am versatile adaptable innovative and above all a learner. The link between all my skills is that I am a problem solver. In my career I have identified gaps in the industry and solved them with the help of technology. In my novels I bring out the problem and then solve them through narrative. I am an ambivert who understands when to express and when to impress through listening. Both through my art and writing I am skilled at provoking different emotions. My writing career has infused me with creativity while my professional and academic experiences have provided me with analytical and leadership skills. Communication for me is not just limited to oral deliveries. Through the course of my life I have experimented with several mediums to connect with people - art written pieces and photography.