Antonio Szabo

CEO at Stone Bond Technologies


Antonio Szabó President, CEO and Co-Founder Stone Bond Technologies Mr. Szabo has been in leadership roles, driving strategy and growth for highly technical software companies for more than twenty years. As CEO of Stone Bond, Mr. Szabo leads all aspects of the firm, from corporate strategy and finance to operations. His experience as a corporate executive at Exxon prior to involvement in information technology brings a serious business mentality to balance the high-tech trendy forces of leading edge technology companies. Mr. Szabo began his entrepreneurial journey in 1993 when he founded a very successful privately held consulting company that advised CEOs of international oil companies on strategy as well as analysis and implementation of information technology solutions that could support the recommended strategies. The gap in data integration needs and the tools to solve them drove his determination to solve that problem better than any product on the market. Mr. Szabo has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston.