B2B SaaS Metrics based on 200+ Private Companies

MRR, Team Size, Revenue/Employee, ARPU, Customer Count, SMB vs Enterprise/Mid-Market and Funded vs Bootstrapped

by George Papastergiou
December 8, 2017

  • How do private B2B SaaS companies do in terms of MRR, team size, revenue/employee, number of customers, ARPU and churn rate?
  • How do these metrics compare for Funded vs Bootstrapped companies?
  • What difference does the target-customer size make (SMB vs Enterprise/Mid-Market)?
  • Does funding accelerate growth? How much?
  • Do these metrics correlate with each other?
  • Should you optimize your SaaS business for any of them?

SerpStat Grows Revenue From $190k in 2016 to $840k 12 Months Later

by Nathan Latka
December 7, 2017

Nathan: Hello everybody. My guest today is Artem Borodatyuk. He's the founder of Netpeak group and co-founder of seed fund, Wannabiz. He's focused on the development of B2B SaaS product companies.

His first such SaaS company is an all-in-one SEO platform for professionals, called serpstat.com, with 2000 customers and 100,000 users.

What does Serpstat do and how do you make money?

10 SaaS Companies With $5m+ in ARR

by Nathan Latka
October 25, 2017

$1m, $5m, and $10m ARR are all big milestones for a growing SaaS company. These CEO's have managed to break through the $5m ARR mark (some much higher).

Click on each company logo to see more data on the company along with the CEO sharing all of the data points, first person, that you see below.

1. Cooleaf, $500k MRR

10 Bootstrapped SaaS Companies With $1M+ in ARR

by Nathan Latka
August 20, 2017

Click here to Tweet this to celebrate founders who resisted the urge to raise. All of the data on this site is taken from 1 on 1 podcast interviews I do with the CEO's. Subscribe to the podcast here.

As a founder, you dream about the day you can put out your own blog post announcing: “We’ve raised $7m in our Series A!”

TechCrunch and other press outlets that use funding round size as clickbait teach us to crave this sort of reward.

These 200 SaaS Companies Have The Highest Revenue Per Employee

by Nathan Latka
August 11, 2017

Smart people are starting to quickly see through the bullshit when founders lead conversations with "our team size is up to 300 from just 30 last year!".

Smart people hear: "We increased burn 10x, but I won't tell you about our revenue issues."

I decided to interview 200 SaaS founders for my podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs, where I made sure to ask each of them what their current revenue was and how many employees they had so I could compile this list.