How he stole Fooda from MailChimp, $50k MRR

by George Papastergiou
January 18, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everyone. My guest today is Igor Polevoy. He is the president of a company called ExpressPigeon, the easiest way to send professional email. He's got a passion for developing high-quality software. You can find him all over the Internet. He's also the creator of open source project

Air Force Pilot and his 10,000 man army translate everything, way over $10m in AR

by George Papastergiou
January 17, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everybody. My guest this morning is Jack Welde. He is the co-founder and CEO of a company called Smartling. He's a technology early adopter, serial entrepreneur, software patent holder, product evangelist, and combat-decorated Air Force pilot.

How To Get Rich with just $1M in Revenue and 10 Customers: Bootstrap!

by George Papastergiou
January 16, 2018

Bootstrap, sell, repeat! Going down the bootstrapped route you give up on explosive growth and you absolutely have to manage your cash flows carefully, but when it is time to sell, you have the whole pie to yourself.

Nathan: Hello, everybody. My guest today is Jeremy Bieger. He's the CEO... well, he actually is a serial entrepreneur with a calling to build enterprise marketing software.

Can a dual "Agency-SaaS" model work on Influence Marketing?

by George Papastergiou
January 15, 2018

Nathan: Hello everyone. My guest today is Justin Kline. He is the co-founder and CEO of Markerly, an influence marketing company focused on influencer identification and tracking for some of the world's largest and most rapidly growing consumer brands. Justin, are you ready to take us to the top?

Justin: I'm ready.

Data analytics platform to break $100M in 2018

by George Papastergiou
January 14, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everybody. My guest today is Frank Bien. With over 20 years experience growing and leading technology companies, he's built his career on nurturing strong, corporate culture and highly efficient teams.

Before Looker, he was SVP of strategy for storage vendor, Virsto, which was acquired by VMware, and VP of strategic alliances at big data pioneer, Greenplum, leading their acquisition by EMC, which is, obviously, now called Pivotal.

He led product marketing and strategy at early scale-out data warehousing company, SenSage, and was VP of solution sales at OpenText. Earlier in his career, he had executive roles at Dell and the Federal Reserve. Frank, are you ready to take it to the top?

Cybersecurity as a service, $8M AR, 100% YoY growth

by George Papastergiou
January 13, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everyone. My guest today is Vijay Basani. He's a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful businesses delivering enterprise-class solutions.

Before starting his current company, Cygilant, he founded AppIQ, an application storage resource management provider acquired by Hewlett-Packard in October of 2005, and WebManage Technologies, a policy-driven content delivery solution provider acquired by Network Appliance in August 2000.

The New Nielsen? Ace Metrix breaks $12M in ARR, Revenue/Employee off the charts

by George Papastergiou
January 13, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everyone. My guest today is Peter Daboll. He has more than 25 years of experience in the science and business of advertising effectiveness. He spent his career developing and implementing analytical models and testing systems to measure consumer response to advertising.

As CEO of Ace Metrix, he's led the company in developing innovative metrics and methods for helping advertisers make better, more impactful video creative. He was the CEO of Bunchball, Chief of Insights at Yahoo, and President and CEO of ComScore Media Metrix.

Inventory Management Tool Breaks $6M in ARR, 2.5x YoY Growth

by George Papastergiou
January 11, 2018

Nathan: Hello, everyone. My guest today is John Andrews. He's spent the last two decades helping retailers, distributors, and brands optimize their omnichannel strategies and operations.

Before his current company, Celect, John was VP of product marketing and strategy for Oracle Commerce, coming to Oracle via the Endeca acquisition where John was VP of marketing and product management. He started his career with Deloitte consulting in strategy and operations practice.

He holds a BA in economics and computer science from Boston College and received his master's degree from the Harvard Business School. John, are you ready to take us to the top?

SaaS Metrics: Logo Churn Breakdown

by George Papastergiou
January 11, 2018

If you are into SaaS metrics, you’ve probably read about a million articles about churn rates and leaky buckets. If you haven’t, here are some outstanding resources to get up to speed:

The purpose of this article is to present analysis on logo churn rates based on a dataset of 250 Private SaaS companies. Specifically, I will be focusing on the relationship between logo churn rates and ARPU, MRR and company age.

BugSnag Raises $9M on $2M+ in ARR, 4500+ Customers

by George Papastergiou
January 10, 2018

Today was announced that Bugsnag, the leading crash monitoring platform for web and mobile applications, raised $9 million in a Series B round led by GV (Google Ventures). Benchmark and Matrix Partners had invested in Bugsnag in previous rounds and joined both.

Bugsnag co-founder and CEO, James Smith, was interviewed by Nathan Latka in mid 2017 and shared some key company metrics. Take a look at the numbers leading to the funding event:

4 revenue models, 1 company, Boostinsider turns focus on SaaS, aims for $10M ARR for 2018

by George Papastergiou
January 9, 2018

Nathan: Hello everybody, my guest this morning is Heidi Yu. She's the founder and CEO of Boostinsider, one of the valley's hottest startups that focuses on using advanced technology to help brands boost on social through influencer marketing, including, social SaaS and many other platforms.

She's a fashionable nerd and a passionate businesswoman and serial entrepreneur. She holds an MBA from Seattle University and is a well-connected real-life influencer. Heidi, are you ready to take us to the top?

Heidi: Oh, yes. Hi, everyone. Hi, Nathan.

Stantive's bet on SalesForce pays off, 40% YoY growth, 50+ big enterprise customers

by George Papastergiou
January 8, 2018

Nathan: Hello everybody. My guest today is Douglas Girvin. He's the CEO and founder of Stantive Technologies Group whose flagship product, OrchestraCMS, is the first and only known enterprise-class content management platform built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform. Doug, are you ready to take us to the top?

Douglas: I am, absolutely.