Glen - Rabie

CEO at Yellowfin


Glen Rabie is the CEO and co-founder of Yellowfin, a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor headquartered and developed in Melbourne, Australia that operates through an international partner network. Glen holds a Masters of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, a postgraduate diploma in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, and undergraduate degree in Arts/Commerce. As a data analyst and self-confessed data junky, Glen Rabie holds the belief that numbers and rationality drive everything. As CEO and founder of Yellowfin, Glen has translated this philosophy to how he runs Australia’s most successful global Business Intelligence (BI) software company. That is: Passion + Analytical Thinking + Reasonable Risk = Success. Today, over 29,000 organisations, and more than 3 million end-users across 70 different countries, use Yellowfin every day.