Hristo Hadjitchonev

CEO at A4Everyone


I'm passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I had 25 years in the software development industry and 17 into analytics and data mining. I spend my earlier days as a freelancer, in 1994 I co-founded Taurus - a company established to develop business software for Apple. In 1999 I moved in the start-up Rila Solutions, at that period being the first foreign investment in the IT sector in Bulgaria and for long years the most successful software development countrywide. Meanwhile, I finished MSc in Analytical modeling of Economic systems building on top of my interest of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining solutions. As a Senior Developer and Architect, I delivered several products in the analytics space. At this time, I had successful stories in project management as well. In 2006, I joined HP as a Program Manager in HP Global Delivery managing some silver and gold deals for clients such as Anglo American and KONE. In a short time in 2007, my passion for Analytics and Data Mining led me to Experian Decision Analytics targeting at that moment to settle development division in Bulgaria. As a Head of the Development I built a team that reached 200 software specialists delivering products with annual revenue of 80 million USD for mathematical modeling for a decision-making and risk management, financial scorecard development, fraud prevention, debt collection and customer management. In 2013, I took the challenge, to establish and manage a global team of 20+ Business Analysts responsible for the roadmap of the entire portfolio of software products in Experian Decision Analytics with annual revenue of 300 million USD. In 2015, I was invited to join the Experian DA senior management team as Director of Projects and Operations.