Jack Phillips

CEO at International Institute for Analytics


The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is focused on helping Fortune 500 multinational enterprises and growth-stage companies build successful analytics programs from the ground up. As the CEO and co-founder of IIA, he lead a network of analytics experts, academics and leaders at successful companies, where we advise and guide our clients to implement analytics strategies across the organization. He is also the host of the Leading Analytics Podcast (iianalytics.com/podcast), where he speak with our industry’s top data and analytics leaders to discuss how their roles within an organization can be a game changer for improving business outcomes. He have also been a speaker at numerous industry and corporate events. Prior to IIA, he was the CEO and co-founder of IANS Research, which provides resources and experience-based security insights for Chief Information Security Officers and their teams. My early experience spans investment banking and publishing, product development and architecture, community building, event and conference management, sales and apprenticing successful entrepreneurs.