Oakkar Oakkar

CEO at Keona Health


Oakkar Oakkar is Chief Executive Officer at Keona Health. Oakkar co-founded Keona Health while doing his Masters in Clinical Informatics at UNC Chapel Hill. He is a software developer with 9 years of industry experience in software development, including web, mobile, and enterprise applications. He is a passionate and visionary entrepreneur who stops at nothing to accomplish the mission. He loves healthcare, technology, and data science and by combining them all with a touch of sex appeal, he believe he can make a dent in healthcare. He is the CEO and co-founder of Keona Health, which creates a seamless communication platform connecting patients and their care providers in the most personalized and integrated way possible. He have been having the time of my life building Keona Health from the ground up, developing an awesome product,assembling a dream team, connecting with thought leaders and visionaries to adopt our technology, and working with awesome investors and partners to take Keona Health to the next level. Since he spent a big chunk of his life in Hawaii, he have tremendous love for surfing. He get a lot of inspirations when he is surfing. You can tell by the logo of Keona Health. He also train mixed martial arts, which taught me how to endure pain, stay calm while you are getting beat up, and to intelligently compete with bigger, stronger and better looking opponents. Lately, he have been working on improving myself with regards to growth hacking, recruiting and retaining top talent, effective communication, and getting my ego in check (which turns out to be the most challenging of all).