Tiago Vailati

CEO at Startupi


He have always been passionate about technology and the way it impacts the world. He have a degree in Computer Science and later specialized in Strategic Business Management. Before undertaking, he had a 12-year journey in the Havan chain of stores, where he played from more operational roles on the store front, marketing to reach the Technology area, where he made a career as coordinator of the systems team, working on projects in the sales, finance and logistics areas, highlighting the automation and robotization project of the network's Distribution Center. He have been engaged since 2012 and he consider entrepreneurship the best way to push the world forward. Since then, he have specialized in technologies for retail, with more than 15 years of experience in this market. He is a co-founder of Hiper, serving tens of thousands of customers in more than 2,000 cities in the country, and he have a great dream of taking Hiper to the position of leader in the software segment for small retailers. As CEO at Hiper, together with a spectacular team of more than 130 people, they follow the purpose of making retail management simpler and helping small businesses achieve the long-awaited success, seeking to demystify technology to make it simple to buy, learn and use.