Ariel - Finkelstein

Board of Advisors at Yotpo


Expert and industry leader in the area of SaaS I build strong digital companies working with great founding teams to achieve fast growth with powerful products Highly involved and active chairman or board member in every company I join with the express purpose of building strong high-growth companies Hands-on building of all aspects product sales marketing HR and go-to-market execution I join up to 3 carefully selected companies per year which I choose based on their founding team and get to work turning them into robust healthy ROI-positive companies Big believer in giving back to the industry - Helped and continue to help shape the Microsoft accelerator in Israel non-profit mentoring 1 to 2 companies each cycle. Ive had the pleasure to work with several amazing startups so far including Kitlocate Back Kytera Rotaryview Telesofia Webyclip Conferplace Ownbackup and others - Helped build the Kama Tech accelerator. A non-profit High-Tech Accelerator aim to help ultra-Orthodox men and women build successful startups. - Share my SaaS knowledge and expertise through lectures and talks around the country 10 Laws of building a SaaS company in Israel