George Hoyem

Board Observer at Gitlab




Mr. Hoyem has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial, operations, and venture capital investing experience in high technology companies. At IQT, the strategic venture capital arm of the Intelligence Community, Hoyem is the Managing Partner for the IQT, West Coast Investment team and heads up the Enterprise IT investment practice area. This investment area includes companies targeting solutions in Advanced Analytics, Cyber Security, Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud and Mobile focused technologies. Hoyem has led dozens of investments at IQT across these investment areas. He has also backed, supported, and served on the boards of several dozen emerging technology companies over his career. Mr Hoyem also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Venture Capital Association, the venture capital community’s flagship trade association where he advocates for issues relevant to corporate and strategic investors. He enjoys helping to advise and guide young companies and leadership teams to realize their full potential within the Government and commercial markets they pursue.