Joshua Siegal

VP Organizational Effectiveness at Waveapps


We are hiring at Wave Want to learn more - check links below More about me - I believe beautiful things happen when you align people to purpose to strategy. As the VP Organizational Effectiveness at Wave I have the privilege of doing this in three very powerful ways. Talent Acquisition We are constantly on the hunt for brilliant purpose-driven individuals who resonate with our mission of empowering small business owners. Learning Development Once these brilliant individuals enter Wave we are committed to helping them grow flourish in ways they could have only imagined. Mission Vision Values When you connect talented passionate individuals to purpose the sky really is the limit. I have a deep love of coaching mentoring education. Be it at Wave or in the classroom I feel it is my purpose to help those around me unleash their full potential. When not at Wave I am currently training as a sanctioned amateur boxer as part of the Fight to End Cancer. Together with 9 other white-collar professionals we are putting our faces on the line to end cancer in our lifetime. Defeat is not an option.