Miguel Madero


Miguel - Madero

Director at Zenefits


Im an entrepreneur leader speaker author developer and open source contributor. I started a few companies and worked with small and medium-sized startups consulting firms and enterprise companies in a wide variety of projects. Im passionate about what can be done with the combination of technology creativity and a good team. I started coding for fun 20 years ago when I realized that it was better to play with QBasic and Pascal than Prince of Persia. I found out that I could actually get some money out of this hobby and tried to sell a few products until I finally focused on a couple of web companies. Years later I founded and managed a Development Shop and ran it for 4 years doing a bit of everything from HR and Marketing and Development. Then I moved to Australia to work with Readify where I had a lot of fun coding some of the coolest projects in the country. After traveling around the world I moved to San Francisco to work with Sourcery and then Practice Fusion. Some of the technologies and buzzwords I like or use are NodeJS Elixir Ember Ruby Rails C .NET JavaScript Html5 CSS3 lean startup agile MongoDB Riak MSSQL PostgreSQL. However Im a big believer of using the right tool for the job. I think the ability to learn quickly is more important than a specific technology. I am a rock climber adventurer outdoors lover and always up to try something different whether is a new dish hang-gliding or an exciting new business idea or technology.