Sequent Software revenue hit $1.4 million in 2023

Sequent Software generates revenue per employee $48K


Sequent Software

Silicon Valley, California, United States

How Sequent Software hit $1.4M revenue and 30 person team in 2023.

Provider of near field communication (NFC) software and systems. The company provides software for payment networks, retailers and the mobile ecosystem to offer NFC services to consumers. The company also provides program planning, risk mitigation, technical customer support, program management and ecosystem development services.






2022 Revenue






Sequent Software Revenue

In 2022, Sequent Software revenue run rate hit $1.4M in revenue.

  • 2021

    Sequent Software hit $1.4M in revenue in 2021

  • 2010

    Sequent Software launched in 2010 with $0 revenue


Sequent Software Funding History

  • 2020

    Sequent Software raised a of $15M

  • 2018

    Sequent Software raised a of $10M

  • 2017

    Sequent Software raised a of $8.6M

  • 2013

    Sequent Software raised a of $12M

02/01/2020 $15M
02/01/2018 $10M
05/01/2017 $8.6M
07/08/2013 $12M


Sequent Software has 30 total employees

Total team size


Joan Ziegler

Proven Leadership-building start-ups from shared vision to revenue. ♦︎ Integrity first makes every aspect of life clear, purposeful & eliminates barriers. She is passionate about solving consumer problems with innovative solutions & building high performance teams with shared vision, who accept accountability & execute the plan. She bring C-level experience w/25 years of P&L accountability based on her leadership values of integrity & crucial conversations. She embolden the team to deliver bad news fast, drive rapid resolution & minimize risk so the team keeps alignment & laser focus on success drivers. When she form advisory boards, boards of directors or teams; her style is to build companies that reflect excellence, high integrity, high energy & open dialogue. Core Competencies: START UP FUNDING: She have financed 3 startups with angels, VCs, strategic partners & the Economic Development Board of Singapore. TEAM BUILDING: She have carefully chosen leadership teams that foster a culture that motivates, inspires & empowers accountability. LICENSING: As both licensee & licensor, she have closed dozens of complex licensing agreements granting intellectual property & technology rights. To drive consumer adoption, she have licensed some of the best entertainment brands from Mickey Mouse, Mattel's Barbie to the NBA. PATENTS: She have steered teams to be proactive in patent filings, resulting in 40+ issued US & foreign patents in payment technologies, covering dynamic authentication, tokenization, electronic card assembly & dynamic magnetic stripe. MANAGING CORPORATE COUNSEL: She have captured years of strategic experience in her soon to be published book “If You Need a Lawyer, It’s Too Late”. It’s critical to hire counsel, not just a lawyer, then build a quality relationship with counsel to ensure excellence in contracts, employment law, lobbying, patents, tax, acquisitions, etc. With cornerstones covered, legal risk can be minimized, enhancing your startup’s reputation with all stakeholders.


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Sequent Software Board of Directors

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Sequent Software Executives

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Joan Ziegler CEO--

Sequent Software Employees

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Joan Ziegler CEO--

Frequently Asked Questions about Sequent Software

When was Sequent Software founded?

Sequent Software was founded in 2010.

How much revenue does Sequent Software generate?

Sequent Software generates $1.4M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Sequent Software?

The CEO of Sequent Software is Joan Ziegler.

How much funding does Sequent Software have?

Sequent Software raised $45.6M.

How many employees does Sequent Software have?

Sequent Software has 30 employees.

Where is Sequent Software headquarters?

Sequent Software is headquartered in United States

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