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How Unleash live hit $1.3M in Revenue.

About Unleash live

Developer of a secure cloud platform designed for live video streams. The company's platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to track and monitor objects from video streams through aerial drone cameras, robotics cameras and sensors to the cloud for artificial intelligence powered video, enabling business clients to deliver instant decision-making capabilities for better management of field operation.

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SydneyNew South WalesAustralia

Unleash live Revenue

In 2021, Unleash live revenue run rate hit $1.3M in revenue.


Unleash live Valuation and Funding History

Unleash live has raised a total of $4.8M.

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Unleash live has 0 customers.

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Unleash live has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Unleash live has 18 employees. They have 11 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 10. and a marketing team of 4.


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10 (56%)


11 (61%)


4 (22%)


Hanno Blankenstein

Founder, Investor, Board member, Keynote speaker, Coder, Advisor, Father, Dreamer. Before, he was responsible for leading and building the BCG Digital Ventures business across Asia, as part of the global BCG Digital Ventures Partnership. He was joint CEO of an award winning strategic design firm, S&C, which was acquired by BCG in July 2014. I was responsible for client development, engagement management and overall growth of the business. As CEO at Pocketweb, he was responsible for product innovation, partnerships, investor relations and business strategy. Pocketweb are building great location based services platforms for consumers and corporate clients on web and mobile. As Head of Innovation at Vodafone, he was responsible for driving idea incubation and product innovation across the business. As Head of Strategy at Vodafone, I was responsible for developing new business models, partnerships, evaluating mergers and acquisitions, analyzing competition, new technologies, regulations and new organisational structures. At Booz Allen Hamilton (now Booz&Co) his responsibilities involved building client relationships, managing multiple consulting teams and growing the business as part of the global Telecoms & Media management team. Specialties: Artificial intelligence, computer vision, embedded computing, autonomous vehicles, python, mobile telecoms, IT, hardware, financial services, banking, health, media, customer experience, entertainment, design, social media, marketing, business development, strategy and growth


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Frequently Asked Questions about Unleash live

When was Unleash live founded?

Unleash live was founded in 2016.

Who is the CEO of Unleash live?

The CEO of Unleash live is Hanno Blankenstein

How many employees does Unleash live have?

Unleash live has 18 employees.

How much revenue does Unleash live generate?

Unleash live generates $1.3M in revenue.

How much funding does Unleash live have?

Unleash live has raised $4.8M.

Where is Unleash live headquarters?

Unleash live is headquartered at SydneyNew South WalesAustralia

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