Vendasta revenue hit $50 million in 2023

Vendasta generates revenue from 1100 customers



410 22nd St E, 15th Floor, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 1M1, Canada

How Vendasta hit $50M revenue and 1K customers in 2023.

Vendasta is a Canadian-based software company that provides a platform for digital agencies and businesses to manage and scale their digital marketing offerings. Their platform offers solutions for social media management, local listings management, online reputation management, SEO, and more. Vendasta was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.






2023 Revenue






Vendasta Revenue

In 2023, Vendasta revenue run rate hit $50M in revenue.

  • 2021

    Vendasta hit $50M in revenue in 2021

  • 2019

    Vendasta hit $34.5M in revenue in 2019

  • 2008

    Vendasta launched in 2008 with $0 revenue

45.00% ▲$34.5M$50M

Vendasta Funding History

  • 2021 Series D

    Vendasta raised a Series D of $120M at a $800M valuation in May 2021

  • 2019 Series C

    Vendasta raised a Series C of $40M at a $160M valuation in July 2019

  • 2018 Grant

    Vendasta raised a Grant of $3.3M

  • 2016 Debt Financing

    Vendasta raised a Debt Financing of $3.1M

  • 2013 Series B

    Vendasta raised a Series B of $6.5M

  • 2008 Series A

    Vendasta raised a Series A of $2.3M

05/27/2021 Series D $120M $800M
07/17/2019 Series C $40M $160M
11/29/2018 Grant $3.3M
05/16/2016 Debt Financing $3.1M
03/18/2013 Series B $6.5M
08/11/2008 Series A $2.3M


Vendasta has 659 total employees and 114 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 1100 customers an engineering team of 164 and a marketing team of 67

Total team size


Brendan King

Brendan King is the Co-founder and CEO of Vendasta. Vendasta is the 1 platform for selling digital solutions to small business. Vendasta believes in local businesses. Vendasta sees that they are getting Starbucked Amazoned and Walmarted to death. Local businesses simply lack the tools expertise to compete. Vendasta is changing that. Its technology platform combined with best of breed software vendors and the brand and expertise of a local media company agency or vertical partner that the small business knows and trusts provides small business with the tools and expertise they need to succeed. Intense boisterous imaginative. Brendan King CEO of Vendasta is the innovative force of the company. Brendan has built a fantastic team of 260 and growing Vendastians and is committed to finding the best and brightest. It s his ability to look at the big picture while maintaining quality on the finest details that ensures Vendasta s success. Before founding VendAsta Brendan served as COO and a Director of Point2 Realty solutions. From 2002 through 2007 Brendan was the visionary and entrepreneurial driving force behind Point2 Agent growing its membership to over 165000 agents and brokers in 85 countries. In 2007 he was named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders by Inman News. Brendan also served as Point2 Technologies Director of Marketing from 2000 to 2002. Brendan founded and sold two successful computer retailing operations. Delron Computers 1990-1995 and CompuSmart 1995-2000 the later of which was franchised nationally across Canada. Brendan also worked for Cameco Corporation as a Geophysicist and holds an Advanced Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Saskatchewan. Those of you who are familiar with Brendan will know that his laugh is frequent infectious and identifiable in a room of 200 people. Specialties INMAN News 2007 Top 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate


What`s your age?


Favorite online tool?

Google Data Studio

Favorite book?

Powerful by netflix employee

Favorite CEO?

Tobias Lukey

Advice for 20 year old self

you're not invicible


Vendasta has 1K customers.

Lifetime Months



Monthly ARPU



Lifetime Dollar


Acquisition Cost


Average Annual Price




Vendasta has an annual churn rate of 0.00%.


Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention


$ Funding$ Revenue

Vendasta Board of Directors

NamePositionWorking EmailPersonal Email
Lisa ReevesBoard Memberlisa.reeves@trinet.com-
David LittleBoard Observer-david.little@comporium.com
Paul LeeBoard Member--
Hai Tran-VietBoard Memberhai.tran-viet@cbgf.com-
Chris NicolaBoard Membercnicola@nicolawealth.com-
Paul HollandsBoard Director--
Amy RaeBoard Memberamy@vendasta.comaimsrae@yahoo.ca
Saif HashmiBoard Observer-saif.abdal@gmail.com

Vendasta Executives

NamePositionWorking EmailPersonal Email
Jeff Tomlin Co-FounderChief Marketing Officerjtomlin@vendasta.comjtomlin@vendasta.com
Richard Cheung Chief Financial Officerrcheung@vendasta.com-
Dale Hopkins Chief Technology Officerdhopkins@vendasta.comdale@lucidhelix.com
George Leith Chief Customer Officer EVP Salesgleith@vendasta.com-
Brendan King Chief Executive Officerbking@vendasta.combking@vendasta.com

Vendasta Employees

NamePositionWorking EmailPersonal Email
Ryan LaForge Software Developerrlaforge@vendasta.com-
Lisa Reeves Board Memberlisa.reeves@trinet.com-
Jason Chabot Business Development Representativejchabot@vendasta.comjrchabot_bdc@hotmail.com
Jeff Tomlin Co-FounderChief Marketing Officerjtomlin@vendasta.comjtomlin@vendasta.com
Ashlea Crane Premium Success Specialistacrane@vendasta.com-
Sophie Kokott Product Marketing Managerskokott@vendasta.com-
Austin Aichele Marketing Services Team Leadaaichele@vendasta.com-
David Little Board Observer-david.little@comporium.com
Shawn Vendasta Software Developershawn@vendasta.com-
Richard Cheung Chief Financial Officerrcheung@vendasta.com-
Robert Simon Investor--
Allan Wolinski Co-FounderVP Partner Integrartionawolinski@vendasta.comawolinski@vendasta.com
Teja Edara Product Managertedara@vendasta.com-
Paul Lee Board Member--
Hai Tran-Viet Board Memberhai.tran-viet@cbgf.com-
Dale Hopkins Chief Technology Officerdhopkins@vendasta.comdale@lucidhelix.com
Gib Olander EVP Productgolander@vendasta.comgibolander@gmail.com
Kyle Afseth Agency Growth Specialistkafseth@vendasta.com-
Landon McTavish Enterprise Partner Development Managerlmctavish@vendasta.com-
Blair Anton Business Development Representative-xtremecomputing09@gmail.com
Chris Nicola Board Membercnicola@nicolawealth.com-
Taylor Mills Software Developer--
George Leith Chief Customer Officer EVP Salesgleith@vendasta.com-
Ches Hagen Co-Founderchagen@vendasta.comcheshagen@gmail.com
Karmela Kondra Sales Development Representative-karmelak@gmail.com
Abinesh Manoharan Overseas Manageramanoharan@vendasta.com-
Halsten Rust Manager of Strategic Partnershipshrust@vendasta.com-
Paul Hollands Board Director--
Anant Urala Product Manageraurala@vendasta.comananturala@gmail.com
Angelo Batista Pequeno empres rio--
Daniel Chagnon Business Development Representativedchagnon@vendasta.com-
Jayme Novakoski Partner Success Manager-jnovakoski@rawlco.com
Amy Rae Board Memberamy@vendasta.comaimsrae@yahoo.ca
Jeff Davis Senior Account Executivejdavis@vendasta.com-
Saif Hashmi Board Observer-saif.abdal@gmail.com
Josh Singh Sales Development Representativejsingh@vendasta.com-
Joshua Baker Product Managerjbaker@vendasta.com-
Charlotte S Digital Ads Strategist Remotesc@vendasta.com-
Brendan King Chief Executive Officerbking@vendasta.combking@vendasta.com

Frequently Asked Questions about Vendasta

When was Vendasta founded?

Vendasta was founded in 2008.

How much revenue does Vendasta generate?

Vendasta generates $50M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Vendasta?

The CEO of Vendasta is Brendan King.

How much funding does Vendasta have?

Vendasta raised $178.1M.

How many employees does Vendasta have?

Vendasta has 659 employees.

Where is Vendasta headquarters?

Vendasta is headquartered in Canada

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