Ali Beheshti

CEO at Zealie – Behavioral Health Technology


Ali Beheshti is the founder and CEO of Zealie, a Revenue Cycle Management program specifically designed for the Behavioral Health sector. Ali is a serial entrepreneur and has several successful companies. Ali first started his journey into Behavioral Health when he partnered with his sister,to start Healing Path Recovery. It was during this time that Ali saw the many areas of Behavioral Health that could be improved through new, innovative software. This vision was realized through his first Behavioral Health software, Correct-A-Bill, as well as Zealie. Outside of his day-to-day requirements as a CEO, Ali enjoys reading about business and entrepreneurship, in order to fuel his creative and practical growth. Occasionally, this leads to deep discussions on sites like Medium and Twitter. Ali understands that the best way to move forward and grow is to tap into others and learn from their successes and mistakes. This is why Ali not only listens to others’ experiences, but also shares his own for others to learn from. At home, Ali understands the importance of taking time away from a hectic work life. In his eyes, it is crucial to take care of your physical and mental health by getting enough rest, eating well, and exercising. Spending time with his loved ones is also important for any entrepreneur, which is why Ali sets aside time regularly to have family dinners and unplug from his active career. Although Ali ensures his health is taken care of, he also knows how to switch back on for the start of another workday. In the office, Ali is known for jumping in headfirst to new projects, and he is always looking for ways to better evolve his companies. Whether it is hosting an investor meeting, running a weekly team wrap-up, or testing a new software feature, Ali always gives his 100%