Hans Bukow

CEO at Provade, Inc.


Hans Bukow is the CEO at Provade, Inc.. Additionally, Hans Bukow has had 1 past job as the Founder-CEO at eWork. 2020-2021 Pandemic era accomplishments and certified learning: - MIT Sloan + CSAIL Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy Program - Gitlab's Remote Work Management - How to Manage a Remote Team - OKR - Certified Coach: Expert in OKRs, alignment and measurement - Advanced eworking data analytics concept and endeavor ( see https://2ework.com/ ) - Drove M&A project to acquire an approx R$100m Brazilian division of a US publicly traded company - Advising CEO's of several early stage cloud based B2B services companies (also an investor) Career in developing innovative software and Internet companies through creatively applying emerging information technology, architectures, business models/structures and lots of fun-smart engineering. Experience involves founding and performing as CEO/CXO of venture backed companies. Primarily responsible for growth execution, strategy-vision, business development, product development and general management-operations. Companies have typically also conducted significant international business. Best full life cycle example: eWork - from idea originator-strategies, employee#1, launch, venture capital raises, growth-execution, M&A, international expansion, European IPO. https://www.eworkgroup.com/en In addition, on a personal level - I grew up with European parents living in Brazil that migrated to New York when I was a child. We then lived in England for several years before returning to the US. My father worked for Pan American Airways which helps explain lots of my experiences and interest in doing business globally with cultural sensitivity.