Rich Rogers

CEO at Xemelgo


Co-founder and CEO of Xemelgo, a Seattle-based Industry 4.0 solution provider. Xemelgo builds smart manufacturing solutions that provide complete visibility into your industrial operations. Real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts eliminate costly disruptions like inventory shortages, production bottlenecks, misplaced assets, and incomplete orders. They design our software hand-in-hand with manufacturing operations professionals to create solutions that solve real problems, are easy to use, and blend seamlessly with existing processes. Their app-led approach means that we manage the advanced technology platform and you reap its benefits through simple, mobile-first applications -- paying only for what you need and no more. Prior to launching Xemelgo I spent 12 years at Hitachi building out net new teams, portfolios, and businesses that accounted for $1B+ in annual revenue. Product portfolios included Industrial IoT, Object Storage, and Converged Infrastructure. Development sites included Seattle, Boston, Bay Area, Denver, UK, Italy, India, and Japan. He entered Hitachi via the $120M acquisition of Archivas, a Boston-based digital archiving start-up.