Scotscot Wingowingo

CEO at Spiffy


Entrepreneur who successfully started four startups and exited three (so far): Stingray Software - 1995-1998 -sold to Rogue Wave Software AuctionRover.com - 1999-2000 - sold to Goto.Com/Overture - now part of Yahoo! ChannelAdvisor - 2001-present - IPO'd in May of 2013 - NYSE: ECOM - Leading software/service business for Fortune 2k selling on eBay as a new channel. Get Spiffy - 2014-present - On-demand car wash and detailing business currently in Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas Specialties: Internet and related technologies/business model experience. eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon, Overture, Google and of course, washing cars! Scot is a 4-time entrepreneur based out of the Research Triangle Park region. Before Spiffy, he started ChannelAdvisor in 2001 and took it public in 2013. Now he's exploring the intersection of digital services and car care.4-time entrepreneur - #3 - ChannelAdvisor - public SaaS co > $150m ARR