Simeon Garratt

CEO at Spark


With the majority of my early life having been spent in Asia (16 years - China, 6 years - Malaysia), I grew up in a family that invested in, appreciated and valued travel and entrepreneurship. What I learned about leadership, work ethic and ideation can all be attributed to my families never-ending passion for pushing the limits in places that most people wouldn't dare. After working in the cosmetics import/export industry in China for several years after college; I found myself in Vancouver, selling and marketing real estate to foreign buyers. This led me into the new development space, in which I carved out a niche, using my background and language skills. I worked with real estate developers, helping them launch projects in Asia. This is where I stumbled across the opportunity of Spark. Having understood the industry pain points, Spark was built to solve a key frustration that I had personally felt in the market. Now with now over 10 years in real estate, believe that people will always inspire the sale of a home, but that technology should work seamlessly along side them. Spark was designed from the ground up to be the best possible solution for selling, marketing and managing new development real estate. Spark works with real estate developers in over 80 cities, powering their new development transactions from end-to-end. Connect with me on LinkedIn, contact me at simeon@spark.re or reach me at 604-366-0878