List of the largest SaaS companies in Campbell, United States

Top SaaS Companies in Campbell

These are the top SaaS companies in Campbell, United States. In todays day and age its possible to launch a company from anywhere. We wanted to show some love for Campbell by featuring these 22 companies with combined revenues of $255.9M.

Together, Campbell SaaS companies employ over 2K employees, have raised $724.1M capital, and serve over 1M customers around the world.



Top SaaS Companies with $5 - $10M ARR

Top SaaS Companies with $10M+ ARR


Artificial Intelligence Software

Developer of data science technologies. The company develops big data analytics, business intelligence and data management services and technologies.

United States

Data Integration Software

Komprise offers a data management-as-a-service radically simplifies and transforms how businesses handle the two biggest problems with data. It specializes in the fields of data management, SaaS, storage, big data, unstructured data. It was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Campbell, California.

United States

Information Technology Software

Bitglass is an information technology company that helps enterprises move to SaaS-based and mobile deployments securely. The company's solutions enable real-time end-to-end data protection, from the cloud to the device. Bitglass was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Campbell, California..Bitglass is an information technology company that helps enterprises move to SaaS-based and mobile deployments securely

United States

Healthcare Software

R1 RCM is an American healthcare revenue cycle management company servicing hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the United States.

United States

Education Software

Provider of community platform to schools and educational institutions. The company provides learning environment based on advertising-supported business model and includes curriculum management, lesson plan development, automated assignment distribution, collection and grading in a web-based environment.

United States
Skyhigh Networks

Security Software

Provider of cloud visibility software designed to protect data in the cloud against cyber threats. The company's Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) software allows to gain visibility, manage threats, ensure compliance and protect corporate data across shadow and sanctioned cloud services, enabling enterprises to secure their data across SaaS and IaaS.

United States

Database Software

Developer of cloud-based big data platform designed to convert unstructured web data into a structured format. The company's platform helps to find, extract and connect different sets of data from the web in order to facilitate the creation of applications and businesses, enabling clients to automatically extract the data that is required by them in a cost-efficient way.

United States
Dreamfactory Software

Implementation Services Providers

Dreamfactory offers an open source & commercial REST API backend for mobile, web, and IoT applications. Our Innovative API Automation Platform literally generates the REST API: fully documented, live, secured, and standardized with API best practices in place, allowing you to connect to over 60+ data source and service with just a few simple clicks. We believe we offer a solution in the API space that is not just an incremental improvement over our competitors, but a significant leap in terms of the amount of time, headaches, and developer resources we will save you. Our platform incorporates more than a decade of deep experience involving how to securely build, deploy, and manage service-based applications in the enterprise. Dreamfactory can be installed on any server, connected to any SQL or NoSQL database, and used for developing HTML5 or native mobile applications. Our technology enables developers to build modern applications for the phone, tablet, or desktop without having to manage server-side code and complexity. - Dreamfactory has innovated beyond this technology to be able to connect to anything instantly and provide a fully reusable, standardized REST API with full documentation. You do not need to rely on the DreamFactory engineering roadmap to handle emergent technologies - we will not be a bottleneck (nor try to gouge you for Non-Recurring Engineering fees to build a new connection) for your API needs. - Dreamfactory also uses this REST API auto-generation to integrate anything almost instantly, completely on-premise, so that you can achieve complete IT environment homogenization inside a couple of months. This is achieved through the standardized way that APIs are deployed, meaning you are eliminating backend complexity for your development teams. - If RESTification is the way forward for you, DreamFactory is the fastest and most enterprise-friendly way of doing it, because you get unlimited connections with a Dreamfactory license for significantly less cost; hence, you can scale Dreamfactory across your organization in a way that SnapLogic cannot. - Dreamfactory additionally has unique API Orchestration capabilities that allow you to raise your team’s data quality through allowing you to combine data from different data sources, or combine data from different tables within the same data source, with a single API call. This capability offers a new best practice in enterprise gateways. - Finally, we have GraphQL autogeneration just around the corner and have new security updates about to be released that will make Dreamfactory the most secure API Management solution. We were built from the ground up based on the frustrations with the learning curve required for API solutions like Mulesoft and SnapLogic - and is why we have clients like McKesson (#6 on the Fortune 500 list) stating that Dreamfactory is significantly easier and cheaper than [major competitor], and wishing they found us sooner.

United States

Security Software

Trustwave Holdings is an information security company. The company's international headquarters is located in downtown Chicago, and regional offices are located in London, São Paulo, and Sydney.

United States
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What are the fastest growing companies doing?

83 of the fastest growing companies that also have the most revenue have a clear expansion revenue strategy. On average, sales reps are selling plans where starting contract value is $4,606.

Those same companies employ 1,678 sales reps that carry a quota. The most common compensation plan used by these companies is a 1:5 ratio of sales rep on target earnings (OTE) to quota. Meaning if a rep can earn $200k in base and commissions, quota target for that year is set at 5x, or $1m in new ARR closed.

If you’re going to build a high growth SaaS company, you need to figure out how to scale with quota carrying sales reps.

Which CEO’s are the most efficient capital allocators?

We can measure this a variety of ways. Which company has the most revenue per employee? What about dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised? What about time, which founder went from $0 to $10m the fastest?

Looking deeper at dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised, bootstrappers take the cake because they self fund (denominator zero). When we look at companies that have raised at least $1m, Actito is the clear winner generating $21m in revenue, growing 100% yoy, on just 1m raised ($.05 dollars raised for every $1 of revenue).

Omnisend comes in a close second with $.08 dollars raised for every dollar of revenue. Doing $19m as of December 2020. Proposify gets honorable mention with $0.46 dollars raised (3.25m) for every dollar of revenue ($7m).

The worst performers here are companies like YayPay with $3.68 dollars raised ($14m) per dollar of revenue ($3.8m). Many of the worst performers just did a round of funding and haven’t had a chance to deploy to drive growth yet. That makes this data less valuable but still illustrative.