Top SaaS Companies in Rochester

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These are the top SaaS companies in Rochester, United States. In todays day and age its possible to launch a company from anywhere. We wanted to show some love for Rochester by featuring these 2 companies with combined revenues of $14.4M.

Together, Rochester SaaS companies employ over 158 employees, have raised $55.5M capital, and serve over 600 customers around the world.

$0 - $1M ARR
$1M - $5M ARR
    $5M - $10M ARR
      $10M+ ARR
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        Security Software

        CloudCheckr's cloud management platform provides







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        Monitoring blockchain applications





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      Bootstrapped, Funded SaaS

      55 bootstrapped companies made the 2019 list compared to 102 funded companies that have raised $2.8 billion in total.

      These bootstrapped founders should be very proud. They found creative ways to drive growth without having to sell big chunks of their company for equity.

      53 of these bootstrapped CEO’s are not located in San Francisco or New York.

      All except 6 of the 55 are profitable as of December 2019.

      Is Churn Important for Growth?

      90 of these companies have net revenue retention greater than 100%. This means their upsell and expansion revenue from historical customers more than makes up for any lost revenue from those same customers.

      34 of these companies have net revenue retention between 80-99%.

      The companies with net revenue retention under 80% annually share a common theme in that only 2 out of the 29 companies have any expansion revenue at all.

      Many of these companies simply haven’t added a second product to upsell, or don’t rely on utility based upselling. Expect their growth to expand in 2020 as many of them have expansion revenue in their strategic plans.

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