Conversica revenue is $20.1 million

Conversica team size is 205 employees



- Foster City, California, United States


How Conversica hit $20.1M Revenue with 2K customers in 2022.

Conversica is the leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Customer Engagement. By automating routine business conversations, and personalizing interactions at scale, Conversica augments your workforce allowing business professionals and AI Assistants to work together harmoniously. The flagship Conversica Sales AI Assistant helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying, and following-up with leads via natural, multi-channel, two-way conversations. With our large library of purpose-built and ready-to-use conversational skills backed by our patented conversational AI platform, Conversica’s AI Assistants can be deployed quickly, are human-like and personal, and provide superior conversational accuracy and autonomy. Reaching out to over 100 million people on behalf of thousands of companies, and with over 375 million engagements, Conversica is a portfolio company of Providence Strategic Growth, Kennet Partners and Toba Capital and is headquartered in Foster City, California, with international offices in Santiago, Chile, and London, UK.






2022 Revenue






Conversica Revenue

In 2022, Conversica revenue run rate hit $20.1M in revenue.

  • 2022

    Conversica hit $20.1M in revenue this year

  • 2020

    Conversica hit $36M in revenue in 2020

  • 2007

    Conversica launched in 2007 with $0 revenue

-44.00% ▼$36M$20.1M

Conversica Funding History

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  • 2022 Series E

    Conversica raised a Series E of $25M

  • 2020 Series D

    Conversica raised a Series D of $20M

  • 2018 Series C

    Conversica raised a Series C of $31M

  • 2016 Series B

    Conversica raised a Series B of $34M

  • 2015 Series A

    Conversica raised a Series A of $6M

  • 2013 Series A

    Conversica raised a Series A of $16M

04/05/2022 Series E $25M
09/02/2020 Series D $20M
08/29/2018 Series C $31M
12/14/2016 Series B $34M
12/02/2015 Series A $6M
05/01/2013 Series A $16M


Conversica has 205 total employees and 42 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 1700 customers an engineering team of 34 and a marketing team of 10

Total team size


Jim Kaskade

I currently lead Conversica a PE-backed category creator and leader in AI-enabled augmented workforce solutions. Prior I led Janrain the category creator of Consumer Identity Access Management CIAM acquired by Akamai. Prior to this I led CSCs newly formed Digital Applications business in the Americas a team of over 7K. The convergence mutual reinforcement of disruptive technologies such as analytics mobile cloud cyber security were leveraged to help our clients become digital businesses. Prior to this I led CSCs global Big Data Analytics BDA business unit CSCs fastest growing business. As a senior executiveCEO Ive built companies in Big Data Cloud Computing Software as a Service SaaS Online Mobile Digital Media Advertising Semiconductors. I also spent 10 years in leadership roles developing enterprise data warehousing data mining and business intelligence solutions. Areas of Expertise Include Artificial Intelligence Consumer Identity Access Management Digital Transformation Digital Applications Big Data Analytics Internet of Things Social and Mobile Datacenter virtualization Cloud computing Cloud security Infrastructure and Platform As A Service IaaS PaaS Software As A Service SaaS Broadband in-video advertising Online video publishing and syndication Social networking Social media Mobile video Web 2.0 applications Data warehousing and Big Data 1.0 Business intelligence and analytics Data mining Relational database technologies Fabless semiconductors packaging High speed interconnects switched fabric Specialties Bringing Vision That All Understand Support Running A Fiscally Conservative ROI-focused Organization Producing Sustainable Competitive Advantage Inspiring Next-Generation Executive Teams Creating a Nimble Organization Instilling Passion Commitment Throughout Fostering Communication That Is Consistent Clear Concise Cultivating A Humble Team Empowering Change With Innovation at The Core Championing Clear and Focused Direction Centered Around The Customer


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Conversica has 2K customers.

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Conversica has an annual churn rate of 0.00%.


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Conversica Board of Directors

Joshua PickusBoard Member
Bill BinchAdvisory Board
Ben BrighamFounderBoard Member
Paul RussBoard Observer

Conversica Executives

Jim Kaskade Chief Executive Officer
Rashmi Vittal Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Jancola Chief Technology Officer
Brian Kaminski Chief Customer Officer

Conversica Employees

Jim Kaskade Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Tuckner Partner Enablement Manager
Andrew M VP Business and Corporate Development
Joshua Pickus Board Member
Bill Binch Advisory Board
Rashmi Vittal Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Bergines Vice President Finance CFO
Ken Kasmar Director DevSecOps IT
Ben Brigham FounderBoard Member
Paul Russ Board Observer
Mark Jancola Chief Technology Officer
Jan Puzicha Advisor
Brian Kaminski Chief Customer Officer
Daniel Foster Senior Account Executive Enterprise Mid-Market Northeast

Frequently Asked Questions about Conversica

When was Conversica founded?

Conversica was founded in 2007.

How much revenue does Conversica generate?

Conversica generates $20.1M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Conversica?

The CEO of Conversica is Jim Kaskade.

How much funding does Conversica have?

Conversica was raised $132M.

How many employees does Conversica have?

Conversica has raised 205 employees.

Where is Conversica headquarters?

Conversica headquater is at United States