Genoo revenue hit $1M in 2023

Genoo generates revenue from 500 customers

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Genoo CEO Kim Albee on Sep 3, 2018

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1405 N. Lilac Dr. #215, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55422, United States


How Genoo hit $1M revenue and 500 customers in 2018.

Genoo is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing automation solutions for businesses. Their platform offers a wide range of tools and features designed to streamline marketing processes, generate leads, nurture customer relationships, and drive growth. By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced marketing techniques, Genoo enables businesses to optimize their marketing strategies, increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve better results. With a focus on delivering personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, Genoo empowers companies to engage with their audiences effectively and build long-lasting customer connections.






2018 Revenue






Genoo Revenue

In 2018, Genoo revenue run rate hit $1M in revenue.

  • 2018

    Genoo hit $1M in revenue in 2018

  • 2008

    Genoo launched in 2008 with $0 revenue


Genoo has 5 total employees and 1 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 500 customers and a marketing team of 1.

Total team size

Founder / CEO

Kim Albee

Most businesses struggle to gain traction with their marketing in a way that really helps them systematically grow their business and revenue. Most of the time it’s a straight-forward fix, but when you’re in a culture it’s hard to see outside of it and get perspective. Schedule an introductory meeting: Kim works with companies to increase leads and establish the engagement necessary for sustained growth. She does this by providing practical strategies and integrated tools that maximize resources, drive more leads, convert more of them into customers and repeat customers. Genoo is a marketing services and technology company that provides comprehensive marketing services for small and midsize businesses who are struggling with content and processes that consistently engage their perfect potential customers in a way that leads to increased sales. Working primarily with businesses that understand marketing's role in driving engagement and sales but struggle to assemble content that consistently hits the mark, generates leads, and increases sales for the company. She turns this around through a customized action plan designed for you and your business. Kim's deep understanding of what's now required for marketing success is applied to her customers' specific situations, transforming the challenge and struggle of marketing into a growth engine for their business. "Making the decision to work with Kim Albee and Genoo was one of the best long-term decisions that we could have made. Not only is Kim a pleasure to work with, she is ALWAYS highly responsive and constantly working to find better, more innovative ways to serve her customers." Kristen Barker - Columbus State University "Kim is a consummate professional. She's always ready with great support, strategic suggestions and solutions that work. If you haven't checked into her products, you should be, you're leaving business on the table." Sue Hawkes - Say Yess!


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Genoo has 500 customers.

Lifetime Months



Monthly ARPU



Lifetime Dollar


Acquisition Cost


Average Annual Price



Genoo has an annual churn rate of 60%.

Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention


Genoo Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Kim Albee CEO -

Genoo Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Kim Albee CEO -

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Frequently Asked Questions about Genoo

When was Genoo founded?

Genoo was founded in 2008.

How much revenue does Genoo generate?

Genoo generates $1M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Genoo?

The CEO of Genoo is Kim Albee.

How much funding does Genoo have?

Genoo raised $0.

How many employees does Genoo have?

Genoo has 5 employees.

Where is Genoo headquarters?

Genoo is headquartered at 1405 N. Lilac Dr. #215, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55422, United States