KDS revenue hit $38.5M in 2024

KDS generates revenue from 1300000 customers


Paris, Issy Les Moulineaux, France

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How KDS hit $38.5M revenue and 1.3M customers in 2021.

Provider of a SaaS platform intended to offer online business travel booking and expense management services. The company's SaaS platform provides an end-to-end travel booking and expense tool that gives pre-populated expense reports, enabling users account for total cost of trip, even before booking.






2021 Revenue







KDS Revenue

In 2021, KDS revenue run rate hit $38.5M in revenue.

  • 2021

    KDS hit $38.5M in revenue in 2021

  • 1994

    KDS launched in 1994 with $0 revenue

KDS Funding History

  • 2005

    KDS raised a of in October, 2005

October, 11 2005


KDS has 487 total employees. They have 1,300,000 customers an engineering team of 1

Total team size 487
Engineer 1 (0%)

Founder / CEO

Roxana Bressy


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KDS Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Roxana Bressy CEO - -

KDS Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Roxana Bressy CEO - -

Frequently Asked Questions about KDS

  • When was KDS founded?

    KDS was founded in 1994.

  • How much revenue does KDS generate?

    KDS generates $38.5M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of KDS

    The CEO of KDS is Roxana Bressy.

  • How much funding does KDS have?

    KDS raised $13.3M.

  • How many employees does KDS have?

    KDS has 487 employees.

  • Where is KDS headquarters?

    KDS is headquartered at Paris, Issy Les Moulineaux, France

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