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How XanEdu hit $2.7M in Revenue.

About XanEdu

Provider of preservation and custom publishing services for libraries, universities, students, professors, governments and businesses worldwide. The company provides access to database of licensed content including collection of business cases from business schools.

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Ann ArborMichiganUnited States

XanEdu Revenue

In 2021, XanEdu revenue run rate hit $2.7M in revenue.


XanEdu Valuation and Funding History

XanEdu has raised a total of $12.1M.

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XanEdu has 0 customers.

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XanEdu has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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XanEdu has 108 employees. They have 24 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 2. and a marketing team of 4.


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2 (2%)


24 (22%)


4 (4%)


John Deboer

XanEdu is a top provider of Higher Ed + K-12 custom educational materials. We make education accessible and affordable. We work with over 1,800 colleges, universities and K-12 school districts across the country to make learning more relevant and more affordable. We provide innovative solutions for creating, delivering and managing custom course materials. We help educators and their students save money, improve efficiency, better collaborate, engage more with content, and improve learning outcomes. XanEdu custom course materials, including coursepacks, readers, textbooks, and lab manuals, are 100% copyright compliant and are complemented by an award-winning e-book.


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Frequently Asked Questions about XanEdu

When was XanEdu founded?

XanEdu was founded in 1999.

Who is the CEO of XanEdu?

The CEO of XanEdu is John Deboer

How many employees does XanEdu have?

XanEdu has 108 employees.

How much revenue does XanEdu generate?

XanEdu generates $2.7M in revenue.

How much funding does XanEdu have?

XanEdu has raised $12.1M.

Where is XanEdu headquarters?

XanEdu is headquartered at Ann ArborMichiganUnited States

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